The hunt of my life!


Sep 17, 2013
My friend, Roland, convinced me to take a guided elk hunt to Montana with Upper Canyon Outfitters.

It was the hunt of my life! The Outfitter and guides were absolutely terrific. I can't say enough good things about them. We saw elk every day we hunted and enjoyed breathtaking scenery along the way. However, the comradery was what really made the hunt.

These were my hunting companions, guides Paulie and Karen, and Roland.


Here is Roland on top of the world. From a great distance, Karen had spotted elk just below where Roland is sitting. We made a big stalk and came over the crest of mountain to find the elk had moved on.


I think this picture shows how much I was enjoying this hunt.


On the last day of my hunt we had a hot lunch on the mountain. Karen had brought along left over burritos and heated them in a campfire.


Oh, by the way, I shot my first bull elk.


Many thanks to Roland for showing me the way.

Excellent photo essay, Dan. It definitely allowed us to share the hunt with you. Great elk you invited to join you for a few meals. Congratulations.

Congratulations on your bull elk. He is a dandy!
Glad you had an amazing hunt and taking the time to stop by to see us on your way to MT.
Way to go buddy!

Awesome!! I haven't seen Rol_P post lately. Is he still on this board? I may have just overlooked it.
Thank you Dan!

Really great write up and recommendation. Kudos to Rol for getting you out there!

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Congratulations. That definitely looked enjoyable. Hard to beat beautiful scenery and great company.
Congrats Dan! So glad you shared great company in beautiful country! Oh.....Great looking ELK too! :grin: CL
Definitely memories to last a lifetime!
Great adventure shared with great people with the added bonus of harvesting your first elk; congrats!
This cracked me up:

"Oh, by the way, I shot my first bull elk."

Yes, and a dandy bull it is. Congrats! (y)

Looks like it was a mighty fine hunt too.

Sounds like a great time lots of memories made and a big bull to boot! What rifle did you hunt with? Dan.
wvbuckbuster":16pi0kvx said:
Sounds like a great time lots of memories made and a big bull to boot! What rifle did you hunt with? Dan.

Left handed Montana Rifle Company model X3 chambered for 300WSM. I used 180 gr. AB bullets. Dan
Way to go Dan! I’m so danged happy you were able to take an elk with your new 300! I know you put a bunch of time into that rifle and it looks like you were ready for the elk! Great show buddy!
Congratulations on a great adventure and your first bull elk. He's a beauty.