The Original Nosler Custom Rifle


May 19, 2016
Something new from an unexpected source is always an eye-opener, especially when the concept is quite different from what folks might expect.

Nosler, Inc., long noted for its premium bullets, has introduced more than just a quality rifle that shoots, but an entire shooting/hunting system that is guaranteed to be an heirloom. Designed by hunters who know what quality equipment in the field means, the new Nosler rifle shoots and functions as reliably as any rifle on the market.

This is a limited production rifle. Only 500 will be made each year and in only one caliber. The first year’s rifles will be chambered for the popular .300 WSM. Each year thereafter will be in a different caliber. Each rifle’s serial number will be registered to its owner, and he/she will have first right of refusal for that serial number each year. We are always looking to pass something meaningful to the next generation, and this series of rifles could well be it.

When the word system is used, it usually means everything needed is included. This is a complete system. What the owner receives is the rifle, scope, ammunition, sling and letter of authenticity. All this is packed in a quality metal storage case that is engraved with the owner’s name. It’s not just an accumulation of products, but each is matched to the other, ensuring the rifle’s accuracy, function and collectability.

The rifle itself uses a custom action designed by Nosler, a push-feed system that performed flawlessly during initial range tests. Integral scope bases that accept the Leupold QD rings are used for the scope mounting system. The Wiseman stainless barrel is match grade, hand-lapped and ceramic coated to resist corrosion. The custom trigger, set at 3 pounds, breaks so cleanly you can’t use it as an excuse for errant shots.

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Nov 8, 2006
A great rifle, undoubtedly. If I had had the spare cash, I would undoubtedly own this particular rifle. The 338 Win Mag and the 280 AI are still available, I note. Alas, I keep spending my money on other toys.