Thinking of going to Africa?


Jun 19, 2011
Africa is a Hunters Mecca, unlike anywhere else in this World! A place we all should one day travel to, it's well worth it if one can afford it.

On that Note; Please go visit one of the big shows before booking a hunt! Dallas Safari Club in Dallas TX or SCI held in Reno are the top two I would highly recommend. You will actually get to meet the outfitter and some of his/her PH's. Through that visit you'll have a much greater understanding of whom, what and where you'll be hunting, the costs involved, and a much greater chance of not being disappointed or ripped off for that matter by the more fly by night type found only online.

These shows are also a great place to pickup a hunt during there auction dinner nights held at these events! Sometimes you can pick up a real deal, and these hunts can even be used for upgrades later on if worked out with prior.

You'll meet every outfitter worth hunting with at these shows, and have an enjoyable time chatting with all of them that interest you? Some are very well known and charge Big Bucks, but not all, you get what you pay for, depending on how much extra catering you may require?

I know most of them, but since it's been seven years since I was last there I wont make a recommend at this point. Go there and chat with whom you feel is offering the type of hunt that suits you best. Mostly depends on which Country you wish or plan on hunting that the costs varies so much. Tanzania has become very expensive, and well as Cameroon, CAR and a few others? Most people hunt in RSA because it can be less expensive and no worries about the shots and contracting Malaria as well as taking those HORRIBLE pills!

Take the time to visit these shows, and go for more then one day, two is ok, but three days will give you the opportunity to visit with them all, revisit the ones that are of interest, and make your decision the last day to sign way for the most enjoyable trip of a lifetime!

Go to Africa, it is an amazing place that know one should leave out of their bucket list! I loved that Country so much I would have never left if it weren't for getting sick and/or not wanting to start a family.

Best wishes and dreams are worth taking a leap of faith for!
Just returned from South Africa from an amazing hunt on a very large place with no internal fencing. All animals are born on the place and it is real hunting. Not a canned put and take hunt. The land has been in the family for 5 generations and the father/son are the owners/outfitters/PH's on the hunt. No large groups running into each other.
The best part is it is all spot and stalk. No sitting over a waterhole or feed trough. Spot and stalk works well as it has all types of terrain. My daughter and I went and planned to return with 7 animals. We brought back 16 and shot at least 10 more "for target shooting" not counting monkeys. I am disabled and they were able to work around that and still send me home with at least 3 book animals. I was not even looking for book animals.
The service was 6 stars out of 5. Equipment was top notch. The lodge and food was excellent. The chalet was very nice. They hunt from AM(we left about7AM eack day) until dark looking for a quality animal "that wants to die". If you did not want to hunt all day they would do as you wanted. I went to hunt.
IF you are looking for a "resort with pool, 24/7 room service and spa" this is not the place. Besides it is winter there and I have a pool in my backyard I rarely use. If I want a massage I can go to town here. IF you want great plains game hunting with many quality animals, 6 star service and excellent faclities then you should go to Iliwa Safaris. If you talk to them say Doug and Kelli said high. They have a website and a new face book page.
Everything we shot was a one shot kill except one that I misjudged the range on. Francois(the son and our PH) saw we could shoot so he kept making the shot longer to give us "more of a challenge" I did miss 3 shots and Kelli(my daughter) did not miss any.
The rifles we used were Ruger m77 Tang safety models. Mine was a 338Win mag shooting 225gr Swift A-Frame bullets at 2834FPS. Kelli was using her 257Roberts with a new Douglas SS match barrel with 120gr Swift A-Frame bullets at 2899FPS(yes that is correct).
If anyone is interested in more info please contact me. I do not get anything out of this. While I was there I did see several other outfitters places and it made me glad I choose Iliwa Safarias. I just would like to see others have a great trip, shooting excellent animals with a super enjoyable outfitter/PH/owner.

I will see if I can post some photos later