Thirty Years Ago...

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Thirty years ago, Desert Storm kicked off...

I remember today, 30 years ago.
We were put on alert, and assembled in F.E. Warren gym, just waiting for the orders to ship. I had all 75-100lbs of gear just waiting to hop into a C141 to go to scenic Saudi Arabia.
Then I got news I was number one on the next list to go, which was only a few days before the ground war started. Don’t know why we didn’t go. I surely thought we would when all the fireworks started.


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Thank you Guy and Hawk... and all who have served our country. May God keep you and yours safe and healthy going forward. Not being a Veteran the closest I can relate is working with two parents, (a father and a mother) one of which is a Marine Veteran of Vietnam, whose sons were deployed and involved. Each would ask of the other "Any Word"... as the action progressed. The anguish was very visible. My wife and I carefully packed her homemade cookies in bubble wrap and sent the box to his UPO.. Response was they were very welcome when he returned aboard ship.
Thank you gentlemen. We watched from briefing. Calls come in , the officers would respond and return. Don’t think we made a traffic stop in two nights. Hell even the guys we had in custody wanted updates.

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Hard to believe that so much time has passed, and the problems of the Middle East aren't settled yet. It is not for lack courage or honourable service on the part of our brave soldiers, sailors and Marines. I remember the trepidation as I heard the first reports of cruise missiles striking targets in Baghdad. I prayed for our people that night, believing it was a righteous fight but knowing that there is a God who reigns.
Thank you all for recognizing us.
It makes it a lot more personal when there are people on these posts that appreciate the job we did, not just for ourselves, but for amazing Americans, and Canadians, such as yourselves.
I am honored to serve for you, and for my family, and my community, and now my extended community on here.


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Thanks to those who served. Though not on the front lines, my good friend was an avionics tech in the USAF. He said when planes left laden with ordinance and returned empty, it became very real for him.
Hard to believe that was thirty years ago.
Thank you for your service. GOD bless our troops.