Tikka T3x Tactical 6.5 Creedmoor/Hornady 130 ELD-M


Oct 15, 2009
This rifle is my absolute favorite. It has proven itself with virtually any load I've put through it but has an affinity for 130 and 142 gr bullets. I came up with an outstanding load using the Sierra 130 TMK but, since they haven't made any of those for a year or so, I tried some 130 ELD-Ms and they stellar performers as well. Using data from the Hornady manual and StaBall 6.5 powder, the combo proved very accurate. .5 to .75 sized groups at 100 yds are the norm. I haven't been able to chronograph the load but the manual suggests it would be about 2800.

This past Monday my oldest stepson and I went to a range that has targets out to 500 yds. I had never shot for a group that far before but was very happy with the result. Three shots gave a 3.156 inch group. We also shot some steel plates at 500, with more hits than misses.


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Dec 24, 2006
Very nice! Hard to beat a Tikka and the 6.5 CM. Man, mine was a drill with 147’s. So much so I never used anything else. Good deer round too.


Nov 8, 2006
That is some fine riflery. It is always a joy when a rifle and load come together to deliver the goods. Excellent!


Aug 20, 2020
I impulse bought one years ago when Gander Mountain was filing bankruptcy and were selling rifles 40% off. I paid just a little over $300 for the rifle and as you say they are tack drivers. When first shooting the rifle I tried 130,140,150 grain and different brand ammo in it and it was all hitting in the same spots pretty incredible it shot so many different weights and brands of ammo and still extremely accurate. Wish I would of picked up an 06 and a 300WM at the time for those prices but I normally don't care for plastic stock rifles . Other mistake I made was not buy a Bennelli M4 when they were 50% off I believe at the time you could walk out with one for $800. They had no Super Black Eagles they we're all scooped up fast.