Trophy buck for Caleb


Sep 17, 2013
Last April I made a post about helping a young neighbor set up a used Marlin X7 rifle. See viewtopic.php?f=4&t=40641

Rol_P contributed a used Leupold scope to the cause and I helped setup the rifle, bases, and scope and do some load development for the rifle.

Caleb T. used the combination to tag a trophy whitetail buck on Saturday, the opening day of NYS gun season. He was hunting on his families farm. Speaking of which his grandfather and my grandfather were very good friends.

Not only did Caleb bag this buck, which he had seen during archery season, but his son was with him to witness the whole thing. It was hard to tell who was more excited, father or son.



Below is the message he sent to Rol_P and me with the above photos:

"Here are some pictures as requested! I just want to say how thankful I am to you guys for helping with both equipment, encouragement, and mentorship. This could easily be the biggest buck I ever harvest, and I'm glad I could share it with everyone yesterday both in-field and at home."

To be honest, I was happier for him than I was for myself and my success on that day.

I love stories like this. Congratulations to you all for a job well done.

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Congratulations to everyone. That is an awesome buck but the story behind it is priceless!

That is a really nice buck, congrats to Caleb. Cool his boy could be there to witness it.
Very cool for Caleb and for his son to witness the hunt as it went down. The tradition continues, thanks to you, Dan, and Rol. Good job all the way around.
It pleases me immensely to be a small contributor to this success story. Caleb is a hard working young fellow with a wonderful family whom I have met through NYDAN... :grin: The old Leupold scope that he is using is a Varix II 2.5-8 I believe was purchased back around 1983 +/- . Caleb is passing on the Hunting tradition in great fashion. Congratulations Caleb...!!!!
Friends, this story just keeps getting better and better.

This morning Caleb slept in a bit and headed out after daylight to walk around a bit on his family's property to check on trails, scrapes, and rubs. Darned if he didn't see a big doe at the other end of a long field. He guesses it is about 250 yards away, sits down, adjusts his aim, and takes a sitting shot, hitting the doe. When he paces off the distance he finds he just make a killing shot at 280 paces.

This afternoon he asks if he can take his wife, Ashley, out on my property to try for a buck for her. She has only ever shot one buck before and that was 7 years ago. I give them my blessing, they take the golf cart and set out for the "steel tower" stand where they both can sit.

Right when they park the golf cart, they see five does under the apple tree and sat watching them. After a bit Caleb sees a buck back behind the does up one of the shooting lanes. He and Ashley sneak from the golf cart over to the gully and make their way up the gulley and underneath the "gully stand". There Ashley rests the rifle over Caleb's shoulder and makes a DRT shot at 156 paces.


They call me to tell me that Ashley dropped a nice buck and I head up with the tractor to bring the deer back. After taking a few photos and getting a play by play of the action Ashley gets on the riding platform on the back of the tractor and we start back. Remembering that Ashley had just told me that she hadn't seen that part of my property before, I decide to take a little loop around it so she can see some of the landmarks we refer to when talking about hunting. Caleb is following in the golf cart.

As we approach a meadow hidden in the woods I spot a doe standing there watching us. I ask Caleb and Ashley if she has a doe tag and they respond yes. Caleb loads the rifle, Ashley steps off the tractor, Caleb hands her the rifle, she steps up to the front of the tractor, sits down, and drills the doe which runs off just a short distance.


You can only imagine how excited Ashley was to have scored a double after a 7 year drought.

So, that little Marlin X7 has accounted for 4 deer for them, 3 of the deer today. I offered Caleb $45 for the rifle, but he declined... Ashley interjected that she didn't want her old rifle back. She was going to keep using this one.

I am still laughing about today's events. Dan
What an excellent report. Congratulations all the way around. Excellent that Ashley was able to make a double. Sounds as if their freezer will be well stocked for this coming year.
DrMike":47lhchzm said:
Very cool for Caleb and for his son to witness the hunt as it went down. The tradition continues, thanks to you, Dan, and Rol. Good job all the way around.

Yup- that's how this works...Another young person with good memories, and some fine examples! CL
What a great story of friendship and giving! Way to mentor and take care of Caleb and his family! Sounds like they are extremely grateful and excellent shots to boot!
Wow, just seeing this. What a great pair of bucks the couple took and man, some great hunting stories right there. That’s the way to get them hooked!
Money can buy at lot - but those grins are priceless!
Happy you help them along.

We have 3 new hunters with us who got the license last year and I am looking forward to them harvesting their first game.
I am planning to sit next to two of them when they do.

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