Weatherby Mark V Accumark


Dec 16, 2019
I know there are at least a couple of Weatherby philes/experts here. I tried searching on Weatherby Nation and got conflicted answers.
Are Weatherby Mark V Accumark rifles supposed to be free floated or have pressure points? What about Japanese Mark V with the "pencil" barrel.
Free floated Criterion match grade barrels (for the new ones)
Made between ~2010 and 2015. Only pulled one of them off the stock and was curious. Thinking of skim bedding the recoil lug on that one.
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Accumarks usually have a bit of epoxy holding the recoil lug. However, I have seen improvements by doing a real bedding job
I have only taken the action off the stock on two Mark V. My first, 1958/59 W. German, wood. Long ago. I know its free floating, but that all I remember.
The second is this Marck V Accumark. It shot as good as 1/2" at 100 yards, then I messed up with a load, but its still sub MOA. I took the stock off and I was surprised there was no epoxy at all, and a lot of play (front-back movement untill it is toqued down. My range is closed till mid June, so won't be able to try it, but was thinking of doing a recoil lug bedding in the mid time. I wanted to make sure it is supposed to be free floated, which Fotis already answer. I knew between you and Fotis I would get the correct guidance.
I would then bed the action. It's not much more work than just doing the recoil lug, and then it's done right.
Accumarks are easy, as they are meant to be free floated, and the barrel channel is wide enough for some tape to center the barrel.
Accumarks usually have a bit of epoxy holding the recoil lug. However, I have seen improvements by doing a real bedding job.
You are correct, it does have some epoxy, left to right no movement, but front to back can move. I will bed tomorrow. Here is a pic


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So, after getting advice from here and watching a lot of videos, I bedded two rifles. 1 M70 synthetic last week and 1 WBY Accumark last night. First one I thing came out pretty good. The WBY, I got ahead of my self, forgot to put tape on the sides and fron of the lug and spent time fixing it. Waiting for the epoxy to fully cure so I can torque it. But it is rock solid. As a result I sat down and made a 20 point check list for my next rifle. I have a couple of more magnums to do.
The hard thing is waiting for my range to open again, in mid June.
Thanks all for your input.
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