Well that didn't last long.


Mar 6, 2017
About a month ago some of you might recall a FN Mauser 300 WM I picked up for $450. Had a Leupold VXII 3-9 on it. I took the bases and scope off of it and am keeping that. Figured when I bought it, that the scope was 2 bills any day, whether on a table or somewhere like ebay.

Kicked around different options with it but everything involved re-barreling of some sort, and probably another stock. The magnum bolt face limited my options.

Worked out a trade for this very clean Rem 788 in 308 carbine. I got one like it in a 7mm-08 carbine. When all was said and done I have the same $450 in this rifle as I did in the FN, but now I got a Leupold scope to use and a rifle that is easier to make money on if need be. Carbines in the 788 are not common, this one is not as tough to come by as the 7mm-08 but these rifles in nice condition bring money. This one I might hunt with and will for sure shoot it. Am figuring it will be a shooter just like every other 788 I've ever pulled a trigger on.

A solid trade, I'd say. You've done well. 🤩

I think. At least for me and what works in my area. I traded that FN and gave him $200. I figured I was into that FN for $250 without the scope on it, so back to $450 on this one. He had this rifle marked at $725 which was about right for this particular rifle. Can get that........if you wanted to move it in 10 minutes you'd put $650 on it.
If that FN would've had a 24" barrel I might of kept it around just as it was. But with that 22" barrel in a WM it would've roared like a behemoth, kicked like a PO'd mule, and not killed any deader than one of the four 30-06's I already have.
A square deal for sure.
Nice looking rifle ST.

I had a good morning. I wont go into details on account of busy bodies that might be watching, but I had some oddball accessories laying around that either came off of rifles or things I had picked up over time. In about 20 minutes of walking around I up traded this rifle, and came away with $265 more than what I started with including counting the $200 I layed out for this rifle. Better than working and WAY more fun!
Ya, being a 788, it ought to be a fine shooting rifle.


I'm not well versed in loading the 308, don't have any but this one. But I got a Lyman die set I picked up at a yard sale table some yrs back, got some 308 cases laying around, and plenty of Varget and a whole lot of H4895. Ought to be able to make something work I'd think.
That's a neat rifle for sure. If it works for you and your happy that's all that matters. With the 788 reputation and the components you have it's just a matter of time till you find your load. 308 is not hard to make it group. dan.
Shot my first deer with a 788 in 22-250. Man that rifle was a shooter. Myself and both my brothers got our first deer with dads rifle. Not sure what he ever did with it .
Shot my first deer with a 788 in 22-250. Man that rifle was a shooter. Myself and both my brothers got our first deer with dads rifle. Not sure what he ever did with it .

I've owned a couple, I've literally never shot one or talked to anybody else that either has, or has had one, that the conversation didn't include how well they've shot. I suppose there's non shooters out there for one reason or another, but I haven't ran across one or been in that discussion.

The 7mm-08 carbine I have was barely fired......all the bluing was still on the locking lugs so everything was tight and stiff. I immediately loaded it up with a load that worked in 2 other 7mm-08's and the first test session with it at 100 yards it put 5 shots under 3/4" with a trigger that pulls like a Mack truck. Cannot beat it.

It seems to me all those years ago, they could've had the 1 MOA guarantee with premium ammo that some rifles tout today.