Well this was a bit different


Apr 5, 2014
Got my first deer with a Thompson Contender Carbine.
7-30 Waters. 139 Hornady SPT

Complete pass through the chest and out the off side shoulder. Deer made it about 40 yards and was dead quickly.

I’m thinking the 120 Nosler BT may be a better fit with this combo as there wasn’t much expansion judging from the size of the exit wound.

This was a fireforming load as I have found they shoot just as well as after the brass is fully formed.


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What did the internal damage look like? I ask because my only kill with a 300 whisper handgun and a 125 grain NBT was almost exactly as you describe from the exit wound to the distance ran, with almost no blood trail, just a couple of drops. Then when field dressing I found the top of the heart ripped open and a small 1/4"-1/2" cut in the bottom where it appears that a jacket fragment went straight down through the heart. From that it had obviously expanded but from the externals you would have never known it. Chest cavity was full of blood just no hole large enough to let it leak out.
Same here but I was above the heart. Actually had some lung tissue separate from the lung.
I didn’t take the offside shoulder off to check the internal damage.
No blood leakage here either but the entrance was higher in the chest cavity.

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Excellent! Fine dining for sure. The cartridge is interesting, to say the least.
First kill of the season usually calms the nerves a bit for next one. Good job

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Looks pretty dead to me. Most deer run 30-40yds even when hit in the chest with a 300 mag. I wouldn't change anything based on this outcome.

Happy hunting!