What are you hunting with this year?

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
IF I get drawn for mule deer & antelope in Wyoming, I'll stay the course with my Rem 700's in 30-06 & 25-06 going. Nothing new in the way of loads, the 165 gr Ballistic Tip for the .30 cal and the 115 gr Ballistic Tip for the 25 cal rifle. I do have a new 6x Leupold with long range "dots" mounted on the 30-06 this year. Used it on my mule deer hunt with the 25-06 last fall and it worked great. Nice scope! Very clear and bright.




Here in Washington I hope to be successful on deer with my bow!

Have to admit that I'd like to get out with the 30-30 as well. Perhaps while predator calling for bear here in Washington.

How 'bout you?
That's a great scope you have set up Guy. The 6x is perfect and the LR dots make it even more versatile. Like to see you throw some Nosler aluminums/carbons at some critter this year as well.
See the stainless 44 on my belt? Archery mule deer season here coincides with bear & cougar seasons...

And now we've got wolves too - though they're on the official "do not shoot" list here in Washington. I'll make up my own mind on that if the time comes. I think the 44 on my belt is a good call while hunting with a bow. Legal now too. That's nice. Many bowhunters I know were carrying a powerful handgun anyway, before it was legal to do so. I always thought it was smart. I think a lot of the game wardens just looked the other way too.

I will be using the Sako 75 25 06 on everything with the Nosler Partition. Elk and moose fall over real quick, and it don't drop your drawers down around your ankles when you send it.
REDGREEN":2fss14vr said:
I will be using the Sako 75 25 06 on everything with the Nosler Partition. Elk and moose fall over real quick, and it don't drop your drawers down around your ankles when you send it.

:mrgreen: Almost lost my coffee when I read that! Yes, one of the reasons I love the 25-06 (and a lot of other mild hunting cartridges) is the great combo of high lethality, accuracy, and it's so doggone nice to shoot! Very light recoil + very dead game is a great combo!

I've never tried it on anything bigger than a mule deer, but I'll take your word for it!

Waiting to hear on my draws, elk in Colorado and Oregon. The Jarrett will get the nod in Colorado. If I tag in Colorado I'll probably use my .375 here in Oregon.
Deer will be a toss up between my 06 loaded with 150 grain ballistic tips, haven't changed that load in 20 years or more. I think I'll also use the 6.5 Creedmore, but I'm still working on a load for that.
Black bear and cougar will simply be chance encounters while hunting deer and elk. I won't be back from Alaska until a week before deer season, don't think I'll be able to sneak off to go bear hunting after being gone for four months.

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If all else fails it will be my 300wsm again. I hope to get one of my Proof or Christensen carbon fiber barrels chambered up in a .30 caliber magnum of some sort to drop 1.5lbs or more off the weight of my 300wsm. I'm leaning towards .30 Nosler for the first one.
I carried my 9.3X64 Brenneke this morning on a look-see for black bear. Noah carried my 325WSM (on which he seems to have laid claim). I had my 350 Rem Mag as a backup (just in case). Any of these will work.
Deer 257 bee
antelope 240 Bee
Elk 340 Bee

Top 2 may be swapped due to boredom. Or all of them for that matter.
Deer in my back yard with a bow, "if" the numbers are up. Elk 300 WM, and 7 mm Mashburn.
Same old Mauser 98 .280 Rem. I DO want to take the Savage 99. 300 out again this year as well, but last year's outing when I had to pass a very shootable freezer buck due to lack of optics on the rifle means I need to go shopping. A little bit of a thread the needle through the trees at 100 yards and I wasn't confident there was not some firewood in the bullet's path without a scope. Still looking for a longer tube, lower magnification scope. Need the long tube to fit the long bridge between mount points on these rifles. Something like a 1980s fixed 4 Weaver or Redfield would be perfect. If anyone has one collecting dust, let me know.

Forgot to add loads. .280 145 Speer GS over IMR 4350. Long time woods load for this rifle. I also have a 139 SST over the same powder for power lines. Shoots to same 200 yard zero as the GS so I don't have to fiddle with any dials or dope.

.300 Savage likes the old Speer 150 mag tip over IMR 4064 until I run out of them. This one feeds a bit fussy with conventional spitzers, once the mag tips are gone, may try a .30-30 style rn or fp bullet or the Lapua 150 Mega (profile looks promising for the old lever gun) as this one only comes out for woods ranges anyhow.
AR-15 6.8 spc 2 Hornady 120 SST. for Deer AR15 223w 50 grain v max for varmint .

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6x47 Lapua with Berger 105gr hunting VLDs or Nosler 100gr Partitions.

7mm STW with Nosler 140gr Moly-coated Accubonds.

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This year I'll be carrying my new to me Browning BLR in 358 Win, still working on loads. My LH Rem 700 35 Whelen and LH Sako 85 in 270 Win will get carried a lot too. Might carry the Savage 260 Rem depending on a few things.

I'm thinking of trying bullets I have never used on game this year such as the 225 gr Woodleigh RN and 225 gr Sierra BTSP, 200 gr Hornady or 180 gr Speer in the two 35's. In the 270 Win I'll be looking at the 150 gr Speer Hot Cor, old 150 gr Nosler Solid Base and 150 gr Speer Deep Curl.
My .300WSM will be rolling out again with 180ABs. Once the winter season starts, my 6.5 will be up to bat.

No need to change what's working.
For Elk I'm taking two Rifles to Colorado. (Nice to have a back up just in case!) The .338RUM Model 700 is my favorite but with the Purchase of the Christensen Arms .300WM late last year I'm probably going to do most of my hunting with that Rifle. (nice weight difference between the two rifles). Deer in Maine is definitely the 7-08. Ducks in Florida will be My Beretta. I've started doing some Hog hunting which I use the AR for. The 65 grain Sierra gameking has filled the bill quite nicely for that purpose.
I should add to my post that if I am drawn for moose this year finally I'll load up some 250 gr Oryx bullets in the 35 Whelen. If my wife is drawn for moose her 6.5x55 will get some 156 gr Oryx bullets to try out, for deer the 120 gr Ballistic Tip will be used again since it works so well. In my 260 I may load up some 120 gr Barnes TTSX and see how they work.