Which rifles this season?


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Oct 30, 2004
So what are you using this season?

for me...
antelope 28 nosler
moose 338-378 bee
elk 300 bee or 340 bee
deer 270 bee.
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Probably the model 7 308 for most of the season.

May break out the 26 Nos just for fun.

300 BO for some pigs
coop22250":2rs5o6nh said:
Probably the model 7 308 for most of the season.

May break out the 26 Nos just for fun.

300 BO for some pigs

What are you hunting Coop?
This year just pigs and deer. My truck and everything I owned was stuck in AK after leaving it there to drive after snow melted, so I didn’t put in for any tags, wasn’t sure I’d have a truck. Finally made the covid run through Canada, got my stuff back!

Being new to TX, I wouldn’t mind a Nilgai meat hunt, I hear they are the top 3 game meat, so that sounds good.

Next year I have points for deer, ewe, antelope in MT, antelope in WY, so should be much better!
1) sauer 9.3x62
2) mauser 98 9.3x62
3) ruger african 275 rigby
4) interarms mauser 30/06
5) interarms mauser 416 taylor imp.
All will be used for deer, and maybe hog if I run into one.

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What are you hunting with the Taylor?
No clue really.......they all got a chance on a particular day, it just depends on where I'm planning on hunting that day and what the weather is like for a few of them.

M 70 30-06
98 Mauser 30-06 (If I get it finished in time for hunting season.)
98 Mauser 8x57
M 71 348 Winchester
M 141 35 Remington
M 760 35 Remington
M 788 7mm-08
M 7 6mm
M 1920 250 Savage
M70 .30-06 for elk

Either .25-35 or .30-06 for deer

Bear and cougar will be whatever is handy.

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7mm WSM
300 WM

They will all work for any thing I'm going to hunt this year. Depends if I'm sitting or walking.
6,5 Creedmoor for most (roe, fallow and maybe red deer, boar)
30-06 for driven hunts.

And hopefully sitting next to a 308 when my girlfriend takes hier first game.

We are hunting in more or less similar conditions most of the time. So there is really no need for more guns/calibers. Actually, one would do, but I like to have a backup.
Sold two guns to buy my girlfriend's first.

BTW, Cleveland: interesting to see you using German guns where I just bought two American.
Sako 9.3x62 for moose (Marlin 356 Win or Win 88 in 338 Federal for backup)
Sako 338 Win Mag for elk
Win 88 7mm-08 or Sako 6.5x55 for deer
Need to carry my 280 again too!
.54 patched round ball. Iowa Deer
300 H&H Mag. Elk Colorado I hope I get to shoot it.
.223 Rem Coyotes
.22LR Squirrels & Rabbits
This is all for deer.

.50 cal Traditions Vortek for early and late ML seasons
.45 Colt Henry Big Boy, primary rifle for modern gun
.30-06 Mannlicher-Schoenauer MCA for longer-range locations
.243 Marlin XS7 if the weather is lousy

This is all in Kentucky. If I happen to go up to Ohio for a few days, I'll take my Henry 45-70 CCH.

Fall is here; can't wait to get started.

Good hunting, everyone!

I'm hunting Maine this fall and will be using my 700 in 7-08 and my old Winchester 94 in 32 special. Would really like to get a deer with my .32 special.
6mm Remington Ruger 1B single shot - elk & mule deer & black bear

6mm Remington Ruger 1B single shot - coyotes & wolves

.12 gauge CZ over/under for grouse, ducks
Planning on the 7mm Rem Mag, Ruger Number One, for everything.


But... Ya never know. The Rem 700 CDL's in 25-06 & 30-06 know that Wyoming is approaching, and they're starting to gang up on me... They're my usual mule deer & antelope rifles.

We will see.

.340 Wby with 250 Nosler Partitions if the Elk are in the PJs since shots can be near to far.
.444 Marlin with 265 Hornady FTX if the Elk are in the timber.
My mother is 89 and in rapidly declining health. Many years ago she gifted me money so I could buy a Tikka T3 308 Varmint. After my dad died in 2007 we gave my youngest stepson his Remington Model 7600 308 because he always thought it was such a pretty and "cool" gun. He killed a nice buck with it that year. He waited for the "right" deer cuz he wasn't gonna shoot a doe or lesser buck with Grandpa's rifle. He's normally not a horn hunter but that year and for that reason he was.

This season he and I are going to hunt with our 308's opening day and until we fill our first tag to honor my mom who gifted us the two rifles. Two other family members are also going to hunt with 308's to honor her even though their rifles weren't received from her.

The 308 is my personal favorite cartridge and I have made a goal for myself to kill a deer with each round of the 308 "family". So, after I fill my first tag I will hunt with a 243, 338 Federal, and 358 Winchester, not necessarily in that order. I also want to kill one with each of the WSM family and only have the 325 left but that will be for another year.

We only hunt white tails and the occasional coyote who wanders into our hunting area.

Well I got back this past Friday from 4 days of Elk hunting :wink:.
I used my 280AI for our morning drives in the farmland and then took my 35 Whelen into the blind for evening calling (y).