Yay, I won the debate


Feb 13, 2016
I have been reloading in the garage and its so hot in there. I had weighed my powders in my office in the past and go to my garage to use my presses, and my wife complained about me weighing powders in the house. Ever since I respected her wishes and weighed my powders in the garage, and sweating since its like 80 degrees or more in the 90 degree mark in the summer days. Today I spoke to my wife that its so hot in the garage and its annoying to sweat while doing chores in there. We asked a AC tech concerning a split system AC unit for the garage. We will need an electrician, insulator ( for garage wall and brick ) and AC services plus AC unit and may cost over $2500 and My wife said " Is it worth it? " and I said no since you refused to allow me to weigh powders in my office. A little debate ensued,,,,, Loooong pause and she granted me the permission to weigh powders in my office. YAY. I don't mind prepping and seating bullets in the garage since the two fans are running to cool the garage, but weighing powders on digital scales like the FX120i needs to have 0 draft. I'm happy. :giggle:
Happy wife, happy life...
So happy I have a cool cellar all for myself.
I gladly surrendered the "office" to her for painting and stuff.
Ok. We have 8 rooms for two persons and my kids every second weekend. So that was an easy choice...
Living in the Mid West, basements are common. I've always loaded in the basement, it all I know.
Built a new house 2 1/2 years ago and have a dedicated reloading shop. Everything is in cupboards and organized. I'm lucky because my wife is a shooter and hunter so she likes loading up her hunting ammunition.

Glad you got that worked out, it's all about compromise. I was relegated to the basement. Its a finished basement but in the summer, or after a rain, the humidity levels are off the chart. And got tired of dumping the collectors in the two dehumidifiers.Sometimes they would fill quickly shutting down the machines, and I wouldn't get to them for several hours, so the humidity levels would climb again. So I ran the drain hoses from the dehumidifiers into condensate pumps for HVAC systems. Then ran hoses from the pumps into the stand pipe for the washer. I used clear poly hose and hidden neatly within the walls and ceiling. Every few hours the pumps will kick on for a few seconds and pump away the water they've collected. The humidity levels now are completely tolerable and powder friendly. All for about $400
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