Youngest Punched Her Tag


Jan 13, 2016
First day we had several chances but couldn't get her on the sticks fast enough. Today while heading to a new area we stopped and talked with another fellow for a minute. From the passenger seat I hear her say: "Dad, I see one on the hill". Again, we can't get it put together and the two does went over the top.

The gentleman told us the road wrapped around the hill, so we drove a bit further and found a spot to park a few hundred yards beyond where they went over. We picked a route and headed up to find a spot to sit. The area was thinned a year ago, so visibility was pretty good. About 40 yards up the hill I spotted two does. She got on the sticks quick and settled in for the shot (a bit less than 100 yards). She touched it off, the doe reared up, and fell down dead. The load was a starting load of IMR4895 behind a 125 BT in 300 Savage.

The shot was a quartering away, uphill shot (40° angle). It went in about 4" too far back, but due to her position, it took out the heart and both lungs (took out a bit of the diaphragm and nicked the stomach as well, due to being back a bit far). I found a hole at the base of the neck on the far side, but never did locate the bullet. The entrance was about the size of a golf ball, and hit right on a rib.

We also got to see a moose. Thought it was a doe in the brush, but after about 5 minutes she wanderer out.

The back straps were the best I've had - It was a good weekend.

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Congratulations to the young lady and wishing her a long successful Hunting career!

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Your daughter has done well. Congratulations to her and to her guide. A dry doe does make fine eating. It was neat that you were able to see the moose up close. They are ugly, but majestic in their own way. My youngest daughter used to cry when she sees them because she finds them so majestic--and she has seen a lot of life.
Fantastic! you got to love the look on the young ladies face and the determination to connect and succeed in completing a successful hunt.
Great job Dad on teaching her the skills and setting her up for success.
Very nice! Congratulations to your daughter and to you. That venison steak looks excellent.
Congratulations young lady on your beautiful Whitetail (y). There will be some fine eating off that doe :wink:.
Thank you for the post & photos.

Nicely done, congratulations to Ruby on a great shot.