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    Why do you reload?

    I reload because I like too, and when your primary hunting rifles are 6mm Rem, .264 Win Mag and 300 H&H Mag you better be a Reloader. I do reload a lot more shotgun shells than rifle but I enjoy both. Country Music on and time in my reloading room is time well spent.
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    One of a kind Congratulations nice deer
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    What have you taken deer with?

    12ga in 1100 Remington 6mm in Remington 700 BDL .264 Win Mag in Model 70 XTR .270 Win in Model 70 XTR 300 H&H Mag in Model 70 pre-64 .54 in TC Rengade
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    Happy with my 788.

    One of the biggest mistakes us older one‘s here made was not to buy several when Remington was making them. Extremely affordable and would shoot as well as any !
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    7 PRC

    If the Military would adopt this 7mm PRC for there sniper rifles it would become a classic for the next 100 years.
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    First Pheasants of the Season

    Nice to see a Model 32 in the field again well done Guy
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    Lets See Your 6.5's!

    Model 70 XTR .264 Win Mag
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    Cougar Attack

    Should of stood his ground and shot it as it had lost its fear of Man. A Persons life is the Priority !
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    Got me a new scope.

    I think you have a nice rifle as is. I would just reload it down to 30-06 velocity and take it hunting.
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    Shot a decent 8 yesterday.

    Way to Go thats starting the season off well, Congratulations
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    Primers.......anybody seeing them show up?

    I was in TN last week and they had Primer‘s for $120 something a 1000. That’s Nuts
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    Most fragile .224 bullet?

    I have used Hornady V-Max 53gr, Sierra 50gr Blitz King and Nosler 40gr BT and I really think for explosive effect, It made more of effect where I hit the Prairie Dog. Center punch one they all seem to work great. But for now for I am settling in on Hornady’s 53gr V-Max in .223 Rem...
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    Bought a rifle today....

    That is a very nice looking and one that appeals to my taste in Rifles. Yes I would hunt with it and cherish the mile‘s carrying it and holding it. Synthetic Rifles work and have a purpose but my heart is with wood and blue steel. Enjoy That Fine Rifle !
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    lead bullet ban on the way ?

    Well I guess I was wrong I thought about going lead free as I seriously though about going to lead free bullets then I though oh it won't happen in my lifetime. I will say Lead free Sucks in shotgun as Steel does on even come close unless, you can afford tungsten shotgun shells at over $ 3.00...
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    You need to go to a Bench Rest Match and show them what a affordable rifle can do.