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    Custom Build - 300 Win. Mag.

    Man I love the looks of it ! What a Nice Rifle !
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    New rifle build, 264 Win Mag

    I have a 24 inch barrel on my .264 Win Mag and have always wished it was 26 inch. But it really does not matter as either will push a bullet fast enough for any Deer Antelope or Caribou and this is where I see .264 size bullets
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    Precision 223 Load

    That group is perfection Guy.
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    Pa bull elk

    That’s a Freaking Big Bull !
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    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    The cold and snow definitely affected our hunt with bears not moving much. On our last day my Friend said when He was hound hunting he saw 9 piles Bear scat on the logging road before this there was virtually none on logging roads. I have never shot a Big Game animal with my 30-30 Win even...
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    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    Two bears one treaded at 20 yards 30-30 Win. 170gr worked great for a bear in a tree. One over bait with 300 H&H Mag Nosler 180 gr Partition one shot and done ran 12 feet. shot 45 yards I asked the Guided what he thought was a good beer round, He would choose 45-70 was his pick for spring...
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    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    Well I would not need to buy a 30-06 as I was gifted my fathers Remington 742 30-06 just a couple weeks ago. But I don’t have time to set it up for me. Leaving this afternoon
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    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    Well the vote‘s are in the 300 H&H Mag and 30-30 will take the trip. I hope I get one and two would be awesome. More than anything I will get to see the West again and smell the sage.
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    Home Delivery

    Couple pictures at my Brothers place in MT
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    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    Headed out to Idaho next week Bear hunting with Guide. We are going to do hunting over Bait, Spot and Stalk and Dogs and I have two tags in different zones. I’ll let you guys decide what to take. Rifles # 1 6mm Rem with 100gr Hornady BTSP scope 2.5x8 36mm # 2 .264 Win Mag with 130gr...
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    What big game do you plan to hunt in 2022???

    In May I’m headed to Idaho for Black Bear. I hope to get a large one for the wall.
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    Which Rifle

    When you 300-500 yards Deer and Antelope and if you want ease of finding ammo .270 Win is a nice. The 25-06 Rem, .257 Weatherby, .264 Win Mag where I would look with 500 yards If you reload.
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    Followed me home

    I have always admired the craftsmanship that goes into a fine S/S or O/U. Enjoy your S/S very nice.
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    6mm Remington & Nosler

    I’m right there with you and love the 6mm Rem.
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    What's Your "Fun Gun"?

    In a Rifle Marlin 39A, Handgun Ruger Single Six .22LR 5 1/2 inch barrel, Shotgun Remington 1100 28ga.