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    QL Request

    Thank you
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    QL Request

    So, I told a buddy that I would help him load his new 22 Creedmoor build. Come to find out he put a 10 twist barrel on it and wants to shoot 55 grain bullets (not what I'd do). Can someone run a QL for that combination (where it lists a variety of powders that would work) so I know what I may...
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    Modern ML Suggestions

    I shoot a 45 cal CVA Paramount. It very accurate with BH209 and a large rifle primer. Velocity is right at 2400 ft/s with a 280 grain ELR (I can still go up, but haven't tested if the accuracy is still there). The group at 100 yards was less than 1" with an SD of 11 ft/s.
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    Your Experience with the 6.5PRC

    I can't be of much help right now, but that is why I got mine.
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    QL Request

    Thank you very much.
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    QL Request

    Thanks Dr. Mike. Looks like I better find some different powders. For now, H4831 will have to do.
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    QL Request

    I have a bunch of H4350, and RL16 if that may work. I have a feeling that those also won't be the best. I have 4 pounds of H1000 but I try to save it for my 338LM.
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    QL Request

    Powder situation being the way it is, I am having to make do. I want to see if the following combination will work or not: 6.5 PRC 24" barrel Berger 156 grain EOL 2.955" OAL H4831 I think that is all that I have that could work at the moment. Thank you,
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    Nosler 142 ABLR

    69 count, in factory box 200 count, in sealed bags (factory seconds) $150 shipped. PayPal F&F OBO
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    Zeiss Conquest V4

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    Weatherby Vanguard 6.5 Creedmoor Meateater Edition - SOLD

    TTT for the weekend. $750 OBO shipped for the rifle. $70 shipped for the brass (no hard case).
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    Sold Sold

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    6mm 103 ELD-X for trade!

    80 left in the box. Looking for 6mm 95 grain Berger Classic Hunter or 6mm 90 grain ELD-X.
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    RCBS 502 and powder trickler