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    Did he really say that??!!

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    Best twist rate for a 308

    10-12 will do well with any of the usable bullet weights in the 308
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    Good results with Tubb's Final Finish Bullets

    Good to know for sure!
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    Where are all the Ballistic Tips?

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    Pa bull elk

    I would not throw him back.
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    QL, R33 240 Weatherby please

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    212 ELD-X 390 yards Elk

    Nice work. Gotta love the ole 30-06!
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    .300 Win 175 LRX at 3200 anyone?

    Absolutely. I would look for 3100 fps and accuracy. 100 FPS more is nada.
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    BR-2 primers on Natchez

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    308 Win Load Development

    Looks great to me Jim
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    308 Win Load Development

    Barrel heat or????
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    Ramshot LRT in 7RM

    I picked up 6 lbs from midsouth. Midway has it in stock too. Tried a few loads in the 338 Lapua and it did well. Will be trying it in the 300 Rum when it gets back from surgery.
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    Area 419 zero press?

    I decided to stay with my T-7 and ultra mag presses.
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    Area 419 zero press?

    I have the t-7 and the ultra mag Reddings. I don't know how much more improvement it would be if any