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    Surprise, surprise from a used Marlin X7

    It was a very wonderful thing you two did for someone! Hats off to both of you.
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    22-250 ladder

    Yes, the 39gr load shows promise! Unless the third shot decides to go astray.
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    22-250 ladder

    I always had very good luck with IMR4064 when using the 52gr, 53gr bullets.
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    Finding the sweet spot

    As I remember 2 tight 1 out, seat deeper.
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    Bushing Die

    I have been using the Forster dies since they were Bonanza BR dies, I have had excellent results with them.
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    range trip with my Grandson

    Excellent shooting by your Grandson! How old is he?
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    Precision 223 Load

    I started using Forester (Bonanza BR Dies) in either '77 or '78. When I bought my straight-line seater die and since then they are I use for sizing (Both Neck and FL) and seating. In my opinion for the money, you can't beat them.
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    BR-2 primers on Natchez

    I have 500 primers left out a Brick of Rem 9-1/2's I bought in May of 1976, I stopped using them in September 1977 when I switched over to using Fed210 primers. I looked at the box but there is no price sticker, so I don't know what I gave for it. I probably should shoot some of the someday to...
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    I never liked plastic stocks

    I personally prefer blued steel and walnut. With that said I do like the Boyd's laminated stocks and have had a few of them, I don't care for thumbhole stocks though. I also like Bell and Carlson synthetic and if I was going have a synthetic stock that would be it.
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    Old Primers

    These also have been sitting in there from about the same time frame also. They are 80gr "Powerlokt"3.65 HP's with a price tag of $3.65 n the box.
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    Old Primers

    I have no idea how old these primers are, I have in my component's cabinet since sometime in the 70's.
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    Shot a coupld of the barn find rifles.

    100gr Sierra Sptz. with 42.0gr IMR4831 is a favorite load in a pair of 243's I have.
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    Area 419 zero press?

    I had to take a look to see if it was gold plated! I can't understand why if anyone has a name brand press already why they would need this.
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    Lube case necks before bullet seating?

    I always use Motor Mica before I resize but that is it.
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    Rating brass

    1. Rem Brass 2.Hornady 3. Fed 4. Win