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    Its Over.....

    Looks like a good day in the turkey woods.
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    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    Wishing you all the best on your hunt.
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    When will 7mm 160 Accubonds be available again?

    Wish you some luck on finding those bullets.
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    212 ELD-X 390 yards Elk

    Looks like that bullet put some meat in the dirt. Nice work.
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    One Bullet One Load

    For a .308 Winchester, my #1 powder is Varget it works great for me. I use 46 grains of it, to charge my Lapua cases. I generally use CCI BR-2 primers. My bullets 150-165 grain get the job done. With this powder and these bullets, it all works great for me. Other people have used Varget for...
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    7mm 160 gr. BT

    That should work just fine.
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    What is your favor 6.5 creedmore whitetail bullet and load?

    Not sure what bullet you’ll use, I truly wish you all the best on your hunts this Fall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    308 Win, 165 Nosler Partition & Varget

    Yessir, a + 1 for the Partition bullet. It's a great big game bullet.
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    Nightforce 2.5-10x42

    I have that NF scope on one of my .308's Works great.
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    180AB vs. Another Large Black Bear

    Congratulations on your bear.
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    Back to the range with 30-06 and RL26

    To be clear, is this load 62.5 or is it 63.5 ? Looks like a everything a guy could ask for. Thanks
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    Share your spring 2020 bear hunting photos

    Thanks to the OP starting this thread. I had / have a bear tag for Montana, I was going to use this past spring. I couldn't go, (C-19) Montana closed their spring season to out of state hunters. Looking forward to going in the Fall. Take care
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    6.5 PRC ammo

    Thanks for the info.
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    .30 Nosler, 180gr AB, on elk at 676 yards

    Congratulations on a fine bull elk. That hunt has memories in your head that will last a lifetime. I shot a bull elk once, that did the same as yours, just stood there. I thought, I had to have hit him, so I gave him another. Then he moved and fell. Just saying this. As others have said...
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    180 AB vs. Moose

    Congratulations on your moose. Nice recovery with your bullet.