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    Agenda 21 explained

    Good to hear Ethmoid1999. We need more normal people to be aware of what "our" politicians have been up to, behind our backs. I believe that President Trump, has curtailed (work in progress) a lot of this in the USA but All of his predecessors, were up to their back teeth in implementing this...
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    338 barrel length?

    G'Day Fella's, Dkmlever, my .338Win Mag (Rem M700), has a 24" barrel. If I was constantly hunting in really thick scrub/bush, a shorter barrel may be more user friendly but with the 24" barrel, it lets you make the most of this (and many other) cartridge. FYI, I was handling a Winchester M70...
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    Bullet Pullers

    G'Day Fella's, Truck Driver, I have only ever owned/used the RCBS collet type bullet puller and a Hammer/Inertia type bullet puller. Any of the Collet type pullers will do the job but be aware that you can actually distort/damage the bullets, if your Ham Fisted with their use. So take it easy...
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    Speer 250 grain. .358 bullets

    G'Day Fella's, Elkman, those Remington 250grn bullets, are like Gold! If you ever decide you don't need them, can I suggest you Auction them. Doh! Homer
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    125 Years of excellent service.

    G'Day Fella's, Than You Dr Mike and Lefty315. Dr Mike, the original 92's were never chambered in .45 Colt but this later version of mine, addressed that. Lefty315, I totally agree with you on the romantic association, we have with Lever Actions. Sorry about the holographic sight (Trijicon...
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    270 Win

    G'Day Fella's, Boomer 68, the .270 Win is so underrated these days. This is despite it doing a fine job in the field, since 1926. Impressive group you have there and well done. Doh! Homer
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    125 Years of excellent service.

    G'Day Fella's, I was having a play with some of my J.M. Browning designed firearms, the other day (on the anniversary of Mr J.M.Browning's passing, November 26). As I was handing my 1892 Lever Action, I got to thinking and then doing the sums....... and came to the conclusion, that 2017, minus...
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    Agenda 21 explained

    G'Day Fella's, Here is a link that some of you may appreciate. But if you have strong Left Wing/Liberal tendencies, you probably wont want to listen to this Lady. The Reality Check of how you have been Indoctrinated (rather than Educated), may be to much for you to deal with...
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    Old eye's and New options

    G'Day Fella's, After some thought, I found I was basically happy with the way this mount turned out. That is, apart from getting rid of it a little of it ("Jenny Craig-ing"/"Swiss Cheesing"), to reduce weight. Here's a few images; You can just see a blurred view of the Orange dot (Round), in...
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    .22 Hi Power Chrono Session

    G'DayFella's, Nice Guy, and thank you for sharing. Avagreatweekendeh! Homer
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    Oehler chronograph???

    G'Day Fella's, Alderman, thats a Bargain Buy, in most peoples books! I have had a 35P for many decades now, and it is hard to beat. Yes, it's a PITA to set up (and pull down) but once thats done, what a great job they do. Mine has the 4 Ft spacing and this image is from Thursday this week...
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    Powder/Poly Coated Cast Bullets

    G'Day Fella's, Yes Desertcj, there not the best blades on the planet but their a very handy bit of kit, to have on your hip. Luckily, I did have a Tomahawk with me, so I didn't have to rely on this Leatherman. I got out to the range this morning, for a bit of target shooting (at 50 meters)...
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    Powder/Poly Coated Cast Bullets

    G'Day Again, I forgot to mention, please see how the Poly Coating has maintained it's adherence to the cast bullet, despite its journey down the bore of the rifle, and then it's subsequent contact with the fairly hard Gum tree. Here are some additional images. A loaded round in the rifles...
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    Powder/Poly Coated Cast Bullets

    G'Day Fella's, Some time ago, I cast up a heap of bullets for my .375 H&H and .404 Jeffery rifles. I intended to try and develop some reduced loads, to save costs and still get more "Trigger Therapy", with these rifles. Since then, I purchased some Powder Coating powder (various colours), and...
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    Price check for Remington M600 6.5 Rem Mag

    G'Day Fella's, Wis6.5x55, here is what i consider a far better option, over the mentioned Model 600. FYI, the Model 673 is basically a Remington Model 7 (with a full M-700 tang), and a 22" barrel, and this one is New In Box. Hope that helps Doh! Homer