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    If I use my 7/08 as the example then we are paying about: $0.17/primer $1.25/case $.77c a projectile (assuming you shoot almost anything other than Nosler or barnes bullets) about $.41c per charge for powder That's about $2.60 AUD per shot (obviously it gets cheaper as you re-use the brass)...
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    what is going on?

    all good mate, I was being sarcastic :)
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    what is going on?

    Do Nosler still make projectiles?
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    Brass weight variance.

    I have never weighed or sorted brass in my life but I rarely shoot to put a hole in a piece of paper. As such I would not have thought that 13 grains between manufactures was all the significant to be honest. I would have assumed that across all the dimension of a case and the variations in...
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    M70 P64 243 Win Varmint

    nice clean rifle. I love my 243 though mine is an ugly Parker-Hale Midland but it shoots. I gotta say though, if I were starting out again with rifles and planning all the calibres I would buy to fill a safe, sadly the 243win just wouldn't be make the cut for my top 10 list. But I do have one...
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    3030 and 125gn pills

    @mjcmichigan why not just shoot more TAC or Big Game? for me if I get to an inch or better quickly then I stop messing about with loads as I can never produce off hand in the bush what I can off a bench. I have a few rifles that are shooting half inch but that was just arse. I just managed to...
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    ...because we don't have whitetail

    I actually think that Australia is the only country in the world where it is legal to shoot what's on you coat of arms.......I can't think of another country. I'm guessing you yanks aren't allowed to shoot a bald eagle, right?
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    3030 and 125gn pills

    never shot that light. My preferred powders are Benchmark 2 and 2206H. The table below is the comparison between those two powders and others. The '06H I use with 160gn FTX projectiles (what a lot of mucking around that was) and I use the BM2 with Hornady 150gn RN's. More specifically I use...
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    ...because we don't have whitetail and of course....
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    ...because we don't have whitetail

    a bit gamey but they taste alright. We used to feed a lot of roo meat to our dogs. Definitely edible unlike the Emu. Interestingly I heard once that Kangaroo's have the highest protein for any grass eating animal
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    ...because we don't have whitetail

    No idea if that's a whitetail doe or not, just a funny meme from down here.
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    Same bullet different c.o.l.

    by reading the replies I'm struggling with my interpretation of your question. Are you saying that by changing only powder, could there be a variation in cartridge over all length? If so I would say No. That's the way the post reads. But are you asking if by changing powder, do you need to...
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    Fed LR

    I'm not expecting any significant downward movement in component prices anytime soon, if ever to be honest. There have been times when some countries have seen large'ish swings up and down, but things are different today across the board with significant increased in demand coupled with high...
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    Sig Brass?

    didn't know Sig did brass so no idea if they produce it or someone else does for them. As for the longevity of that brass, I'm guessing you are going to be the one advising us I suspect. I don't target shoot so for me brass is brass and the cheaper the better as I rarely come home from a hunt...
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    270 Win

    I typically load at the top of the weight spectrum for all my rifles and the 270win is no exception. I use 150gn soft points (Sierra GameKing's) over 52.5gns of AR2209. I think Hodgson rename that powder to H4350...why they need to rename it and other ADI powders I have no idea. The same...