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    150 ABLR vs 165 ABLR

    165 gets my vote
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    2022 Season Plans

    My wife and I had a great draw this year. We both have 2 cow/calf Antelope Buck each Antelope doe each Whitetail doe each I also have a Mule Deer Buck. Archery Antelope starts August 15th, de and elk archery September 1.
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    South Africa Hunt Booked. :)

    Hate to hear this, you never know it may work out in the future.
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    375 H&H Magnum Favorite Loads

    Anyone have any pet loads using Varget or IMR 4350? I’m loading 300gr partitions and found some Nosler solids to load also. It’s going to be my primary rifle in Africa next year. I used 235 grn barns in it previously.
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    Leupold detachable rings and bases

    WTB Leupold Quick Detachable rings and bases for a Winchester Model 70 458wm Thanks for looking
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    243 Win/IMR 4350/95 GR Nosler BT

    Lol, Teri has had hers since 1984. Where do you call home in Wy?
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    Target bullets for deer

    100% agree, I’ve had hunters try target bullets on Antelope and it was a mess. Too many good premium options out there.
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    Rollin’ Up Some Noslers

    Great caliber in all varieties!
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    243 Win/IMR 4350/95 GR Nosler BT

    Sorry, I should of included that. iMR, the load works well in my wife’s tang safety Ruger also. It’s our go to load here in Wyoming for Antelope
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    243 Win/IMR 4350/95 GR Nosler BT

    42 grn of 4350, 95 ballistic tip and 100 partitions. They shoot 1/4” groups out of my Winchester mod 70. Great Antelope medicine!
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    SOLD- Your African Rifle

    Well worth the price, excellent caliber and rifle!
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    Pa bull elk

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    School teacher 1 cougars 0

    She saved a few deer in the process!
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    South Africa Hunt Booked. :)

    SKB cases are definitely worth every penny! We switched to them years ago. Kruger will not disappoint.