Approaching 70...

Damn... you guys are old! 😂
I agree!

I have been around here since Guy I believe. Mike as well, along with JD and Fotis and a few others around that time. Man, it is neat to look back at the old posts. I say it quite alot, but man, the stuff I have learned from you all has been mountainous.

Well said Guy and I always think I got where you liked your old stuff but could understand the new stuff as well.
Hate to admit it, but the balistics on a 22-Creedmore (Couldnt they name it somthing else so I dont have to cave in to the "Creed"???) might be worth hanging around to shoot. Ron Spomer has been a long time fan of the 22-250 and the Ackley, and he had good things to say about it. Trouble is a new rifle is now a $1100 dollar deal. Maybe not..... not in my life time. CL