Carter's first buck


Apr 10, 2011
South East Minnesota shotgun season opened this morning and my son was able to put a 20 gauge 260 grain Partition Gold slug through the lungs of his first antlered deer at 40 yards. The blood trail was amazing and brief. The deer only made it about 35 yards before he expired. Thank you Nosler for an outstanding bullet.


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Congratulations to Carter and his Dad on a fantastic buck!
The smile on Carter's face pretty much says it all.
Way to go Team Carter!

Wow, way to go Carter. I’ve been hunting 52 years, that’s a great buck!

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Congratulations to the hunter and to his guide. Excellent work, Carter. You are well on your way to a very exciting future as you participate in America's heritage.
Congrats to both of you. That is a fine buck right there!

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Guy Miner":2dmvwca3 said:
Nosler makes shotgun slugs? I didn't know that!

Nosler and Winchester have something worked out


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I hear you there! That's a hoss of a buck for the first one!!! Congrats to the young man and his proud father. My oldest did the same thing, his first buck was a dandy 145" deer taken with his grandads .243 and handloads, full frontal chest shot as he came out of the creek bottom at about 40yrds.
Found the slug in the off side under the hide. I'll weigh it sometime in the next day or two but I expect about 60% weight retention from past experience with other Partition bullets


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