Looking for reloading data for 180gr Accubonds/300 WSM


Nov 16, 2005
Has anyone worked up any loads for the 180gr AccuBond and a 300 WSM?
I can't seem to find this info anywhere so your suggestions are appreciated!
The sectional density, and ballistic coef. are identical to the ballistic tip in that size. Use the load data in the nos #5 book, for the BT. Go to the nosler site to find bullet info.
Good luck
Be sure to start at the start load. The bonding process will harden the jacket. This could cause a pressure increase so as always work from the start load with caution.
If you don't already have one buy a Lyman 48th manual. This manual gives actual bullet tested and pressures for each load. They have information on the sciroco which should be very close to the AccuBond. Best I can tell from cross sections and reading material I have seen, just crossing from BT to AB with the same load could cause a pressure spike.

I would start by cross referencing the Nosler data with the Lyman Scirrocco data. By the way Lyman shows a lot of nosler loads for partitions and BT. It has been one of the best manuals I own. NO offense to Nosler I wouldn't be without any of my manuals, especially NOSLER #5.
This is not true. The Scirroco is a pure lead and pure copper bullet, much softer than our gilding metal.
Does this mean that the pressures would be higher or lower than the scirocco bullet. I have been trying to figure out how much variation would be between the Ballistic Tip and AccuBond in my own loads.
I just started loading for a ladder test with a Savage bvss in 300 wsm and used the Nosler manual loads for the bt and and compaired them to Hodgdon online information,and couldn't tell any difference, as far as pressure. I used H 4350, H 4631sc, and H414 out of the three in that gun I liked the 4831sc better, but the guy is getting a new scope (had an atn) so I'll probably be back to try again after the first of the year to try it again.