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    280 Remington 6.5 Staball load data for 140 BT & Accubonds

    In my 280 Remington (700 MTN Rifle) I used to have I used IMR4350 for 2940 fps in the 22" barrel. Believe my load was 54.0 grs. with the 140 grain Partition. 280 is a fine cartridge.
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    Another misfit cartridge, 325 WSM

    I loaded for several years for a buddy who shoots a 325 Winchester. It's a great cartridge that is pretty darn impressive on game. It was easy to find a handled for both Accubonds and Partitions.
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    Need a 7mm cartridge

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    New 7mm Rem Mag Bergara

    I've hear lots of good things about the Bergara's Guy! Good choice it appears. I really like my 4.5-14x40mm Leupold with the B&C reticle in it. The reticle works fast and is simple to use. Try some 160 gr. Accubonds in that thing. I bet it really likes them. The 140 gr. E-tip would be a...
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    6.5 PRC 130 accubonds

    Not in a 6.5 PRC, but Accubonds in general but out of my 280AI with 140 gr Accubonds and 30-06 165 gr. Accubonds. They shoot very well and perform exceptionally well on game. I think it would be a great bullet in your 6.5 PRC for accuracy and on-game performance. Best of luck. H4350 and...
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    Light weight mountain build, Caliber?

    6.5-06 : Plenty of 25-06 brass to neck up easily and there you go. 25-06 as is. Great cartridge also.
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    30-06 & 180...

    Sure looks like I'm late to this party Guy but what the heck might as well give my 2 cents worth. When I purchased my first 30-06 when I was 18 years old I loaded up the 165 gr. Nosler solid base boat-tail bullets. They performed very well on game and I never had an issue shooting coyotes...
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    .220 Swift

    You sure did a nice job on the stock! It looks beautiful. Should be a lot of fun. Like you choice of scope also.
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    Scope a 22-250

    4.5-14x40mm Leupold VX3i with B&C reticle.
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    Ram Portrait

    Beautiful sheep and a great picture Guy!
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    Mule Deer Roast

    Yummy that looks delicious!
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    6.5-284 vs 6.5-06

    6.5-06 would be my choice although ballistically they are almost identical. Simple to find 25-06 brass and just neck it up.
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    How did you get started reloading?

    My father in 1972 when I was 12 years old. He helped coach me on reloading, and he was learning as he went as he had just purchased the RCBS press and other necessary items so he could load for his 7mm Remington Magnum, and I loaded for my 6mm Remington. He watched carefully as I loaded, but...
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    25/06 standard or Ackly?

    Plain old 25-06 would be my choice. Lot of time and expense fire-forming cases for the Ackley version. Ackley advantage. Might not be the same as what the difference in between the 25-06 and the 25-06 AI, but I had a 280 Remington for years with a 22" barrel. I load it with 140 gr. Nosler...
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    What to do with a Tikka 695 in 280 Rem?

    I like Jim's thinking! I had a 280 Remington and loved it. I built a 280 AI and I hate to say it but love it just a tad more. What an efficient accurate game killing cartridge! The 338-06 sure would be a great one though as well. Good luck with whatever you decide.