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    375 260 gr & 300 gr AB Tested

    I used the 360 gn Accubond in my 375 RUM for 20+ years and never lost an elk. They penetrate 3/4 the length of a big bull. At 3080 fps they are DRT. 4 elk so far.
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    New (Old?) Elk Rifle

    I've used just about every caliber rifle and they all killed elk dead right there with an accurate shot, but my 30-06 has taken just as many and dead right there. 180 grain accubonds are hard to beat.
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    Light weight mountain build, Caliber?

    If elk is part of your normal hunting a 308 with 165 grn accubonds is what I built at 6 lbs with scope. It will give you a little more assurance with quartering shots than the smaller calibers. In my opinion. It's never failed me. I've not had any recoil issues without a muzzle brake.
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    Another misfit cartridge, 325 WSM

    I've had a browning A bolt for about 20 years. It's been lightened to 7 lbs with scope and muzzle break . The 200 gr. Accubond at 2950 fps. has taken every thing from antelope to elk. I love the 325 WSM. With the 200 grn bullet It's everything a 338 WM. is.
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    444 Marlin 270 Speers Rl7

    Good shooting Scott I just got a 444 Marlin, Finding 270 gn. Speer bullets is the hard part. Greg
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    I need .429 300 grn swift A frames. Anybody have some extra?

    I need some .429 cal. 300 grn. Swift A-Frame bullets. Anybody have extra?
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    123 Absolute Hammer 6.5 Bee

    Fotis, That's how mine shoots also.
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    WTB a Wby Mk V wooden stock (a beater)

    I found one, thank you for the return. Greg
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    WTB a Wby Mk V wooden stock (a beater)

    I'm looking for an old well used Wby Mk V wooden stock to try and lighten up. Anything not broken or cracked will do. Thanks
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    WTB 7mm Rem Mag brass

    The check will be in the mail tomorrow Jim. Thank you.
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    WTB 7mm Rem Mag brass

    It sounds good. Greg Nolan 210 Cone Dr. Hamilton, Mt. 59840 I'll get the USPS money order out as soon as I get your address.
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    WTB 7mm Rem Mag brass

    Jim What do you want for the bag of 42+2 winchester? They should work just fine.
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    WTB 7mm Rem Mag brass

    A bag of 50 of a single brand would be great, or what ever you have of a single brand. Thanks Jim
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    WTB 7mm Rem Mag brass

    Thanks Dr Mike I appreciate the concern, The governments just need to undestand :wink:
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    WTB 7mm Rem Mag brass

    Looking for some 7mm Rem Mag brass for a rifle I picked up. Any out there?