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    School security lacking

    Ecclesiastes 8:11 - Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.
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    Ruger introduces their second Marlin!

    I love lever actions ... but despise the cross-bolt safety.
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    Ultimate hand cannon 500 S&W

    Beautiful revolver!!! As others have said, if you do use it to bag some game let us know how it does.... with pics!
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    I will never buy "once fired brass" again!

    No problems with me either using once fired brass ... as long as it's free ... I've picked up thousands of pieces of brass in my reloading endeavors ... after sorting & processing I may throw out a few - but what the heck, it's free. If I do buy brass it's New brass....
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    My 30 Nosler

    Thank you for the pressure updates ... may be a load worth exploring!
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    My 30 Nosler

    Very nice rifle!!! Have you noticed any temperature instability / pressure spikes from using Retumbo? Early on when I got my .30 Nosler I read quite a few articles where people were experiencing pressure spikes with Retumbo and for that reason I've shied away from using it. I have not followed...
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    What's Your "Fun Gun"?

    There are too many to pick just one ... but for today I'd say the Auto Ordnance Thompson 1927 A-1! Goes well with my constant companion the Colt Gold Cup National Match that's with me 99.99% of the time.
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    Lube case necks before bullet seating?

    No lube when seating - never have.
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    Hodgdon website has clearance on reload manual.

    Thanks for the heads up - appreciated !
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    Gas Prices.

    Haven't checked in two days, but Diesel was $5.01/gal here.
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    At a loss for words...........

    Insanity ....
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    2022 Nosler Product Guide

    The 2022 Nosler Product Guide is available for download:
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    Rebarreling ? Need honesty

    I would say that it's the gunsmith's fault if the threads were damaged ... He's the trained individual putting the barrel on & should be aware if there's an issue. An analogy would be if you took your car to the mechanic for a brake job & the parts house sent Subaru brakes for your Honda ...
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    ice cleats

    For just walking around town lots of people have success with Yaktrax. Most of them seem to use their "Walk" version but you can also look at their "Chains" and "Diamond Grip" for your boots ... Most are easy on & easy off. Shop around for deals...
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    "We the people" use to mean something ... they do not have the respect nor fear those who put them in office to represent us.