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    Bullets for sale!

    Your Welcome. Yeah they keep changing thing on us.
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    Bullets for sale!

    Dan put your mouse on the user name click on start conversation.
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    Norma Golden Target

    You will love that 6.5. Good luck with your new gun.
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    Said I was done buying.

    Don't know if anyone saw it. Natchez's website says anything with a hazmat fee you have to provide a government issued photo id.
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    Bolt pistol

    Good looking piece. Nice job on it.
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    Hard to believe people pay those prices. That rl22 sold for $430.
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    Looks like powder is the new black gold.
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    The craziness still hasn't stop.
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    A different kind of rifle.

    That is a beautiful smoke poll. They are a blast to shoot.
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    270win ABLR Abolt browning

    That's how do it. But i took old cooler and put a coil of soft cooper in and fill it with ice. Blows through the coil into the chamber.
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    270win ABLR Abolt browning

    Looks like scratches on the shoulder. I think i see it on a unfired round in the box. Chamber a unloaded case and look for a scratch. Could be a piece of dirt in your chamber
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    Pressure signs

    If your using a hornady modified case check the length and chamfer the mouth. I had them not go in the chamber all the way because they had a burr on the mouth. Did you size the case?
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    Pressure signs

    Seat the bullet deeper. If your o.a.c.l. is 3.355 your .015 over the tested length. Did you check to see if your jamming the bullet at 3.355? Forget chasing the lands until you get a grasp on what your doing. You may have a short throated chamber. Try shortening your o.a.c.l. length to 3.335 and...
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    7mm Rem Mag Finished

    nice work. much better looking imho.
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    Custom Build - 300 Win. Mag.

    Congrats on a beautiful rifle and a special wife. Hope you tag some elk with it.