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    Another buck down

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    Grandson got a buck

    Well done young man
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    Spike bull elk

    Yes euro the head .
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    Spike bull elk

    Bullet found
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    Spike bull elk

    Loaded packs
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    Spike bull elk

    First shot exit
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    Spike bull elk

    So I was fortunate enough to be selected for multi season elk tag this year meaning I could hunt general season archery, muzzle loader and modern firearm. I was also selected for a modern firearm cow elk permit close to the house starting 11/1 through 11/5. Well September elk season came and...
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    Washington State Grizzly Bears

    They are just really big black bears just like the really big coyotes they brought into the state with no management plan.
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    First muzzy buck

    Cva optima 84 grains of bighorn 209, fed 209 primer and Barnes spit fire tmz 250 grains
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    First muzzy buck

    Yes Washington state, central near Yakima
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    First muzzy buck

    Drew multi season deer and elk tags this year and yesterday popped this fattened mulie buck. 80 yard shot open sights used blackhorn 209 powder with a Barnes spit fire tmz 250 grain . I am happy with performance.
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    First snow 2023

    Absolutely love it. No flies, mosquitoes, yellow jackets and all the other pain in the rear end insects. Kiss those snakes goodbye as well.👍🏻
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    First Bighorn Sheep in Months...

    I will be up in chelan helping a disabled hunter trying to harvest a juvenile ram in October. We scouted earlier in the year and didn’t see much. Hunter was frustrated and I reassured him that we would find them. One of the big ram permit holders has been in the area many times this summer. We...
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    Local Salmon Run.

    Very cool, good job
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    Congratulations, great way to kick off fall