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    your 1st

    26 nosler then a 6.5-300 weatherby
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    Wyo elk tag filled, great hunt.

    Excellent job
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    Washington state juvi ram

    Chelan butte
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    Well that didn't last long.

    Shot my first deer with a 788 in 22-250. Man that rifle was a shooter. Myself and both my brothers got our first deer with dads rifle. Not sure what he ever did with it .
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    Washington state juvi ram

    Jd338 thanks again for the help. I can’t get the video to load of the shot. Only 18 seconds long and says it’s to large.
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    Washington state juvi ram

    The warden was fortunate enough to draw 1 of 2 juvenile ram permits. Shot was 268 yard. Played with these for 3 hours before he cleared for a shot and man did she make it count. 6.5-300 weatherby 140 nosler accubond. I thought she hit high in video but nope I was wrong. shot was a tad back but...
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    Reasons to buy Accubonds again

    Tough bullet to beat
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    What have you taken pronghorn with?

    Compound bow one and only
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    What have you taken elk with?

    300 win mag 338 wing mag 338 rum compound bow
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    What have you taken moose with?

    My phone still waiting just like guy. Someday hopefully 🤞🏻
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    What have you taken deer with?

    Compound bow 50 cal muzzle loader 223 22-250 243 280 rem 30-30 7rem mag 300 win 6.5-300 wby 338 rum
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    "Don't Hunt Bear!"

    Best weed out the problems when they are small before they have a chance blossom. now back to to not harvesting bears or any other animals for that matter, remember those were the fastest swimmers in that race. Foolish thoughts and remarks are in full supply. I was working a sportsman show one...
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    Hunting Priorities?

    Do what makes you happy, every year for the past 9 years the wife and I hunt elk, she uses her bow and they talk. She has called in 9 bulls, 1 a year into archery range. Farthest shot was last year at 52 yards. Is it frustrating not being able to harvest a big bull in September oh yes it is. She...
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    Discontinued: IMR Enduron powders.

    Crap on a cracker best hang on to what 8133 I have , darn it.
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    Custom Build - 300 Win. Mag.