Spike bull elk


Jul 20, 2008
So I was fortunate enough to be selected for multi season elk tag this year meaning I could hunt general season archery, muzzle loader and modern firearm. I was also selected for a modern firearm cow elk permit close to the house starting 11/1 through 11/5. Well September elk season came and went with the warden having a cancerous tumor removed from her left leg 9/4 , so there went archery season as I spent two weeks doing everything around the house and extras that she was saving for a rainy day. She’s doing much better and is on a waterfowl hunt this weekend with a bunch of ladies , her annual trip. On to muzzle loader season and I still couldn’t sneak away much but did have a close encounter with a spike bull that would have been legal to harvest in the general season. Wasn’t to disappointed as I knew I have a really good opportunity to harvest an elk in modern rifle season. Onto the general season 10/28 found us looking at a couple herds with cows and branch bulls, no spikes. Couple more days of cow sightings and I was looking forward to the cow season. 11/1 yup find elk at 1126 yards in really bad crosswinds, not shooting that’s for sure couldn’t close the distance with remaining daylight. Couple more night of cows to far off or on private land, I was starting to regret muzzleloader season. 11/3 I changed tactics I didn’t get up at 4 and head to the high country I slept in, hunted the lowlands. Bingo on two herds just moving off private to state ground. Uphill as fast as I could about 3/4 of a mile I made a rock bench and they had no idea I was there. The herd had split with a lead cow trying to sidehill west and get away from the others, so I waited for her to clear but her calf this year wouldn’t leave her side. No big deal I thought there’s a spike behind them and the remaining 17 cows were grouped up offering no shot. So the spike cleared the pair and I ranged At 550 yards. Read my chart dialed my scope and missed the next 3 shots. What is going I thought turn scope down and saw the 4th shot fly high, dialed a minute down , ranged again and herd the bullet strike home. He staggered a bit and laid down promptly i but an insurance round in him. Walked up and found the bull excited as I was starting to sweat elk season going unfilled. Upon examination the first shot connected and the bull was dead on his feet , bullet right through the lungs. The second shot was the right hip traveling darn near through the bull stopping in the front of the lungs. Super thankful for a buddy whom was at home who dropped everything to come help. Boned out the bull and loaded everything but the front shoulders and a back strap in my pack. My buddy took the shoulders and we headed out. Lessons learned, hit the gym more, shoot more and don’t work 13 months of nights and weekends plus regular Monday through Friday hours. Super excited and blessed. Jd338 thanks again for the projectile’s. Remington 700 lh 338 rum , 92 grain Imr 7828, 225 nosler accubon. Nightforce nxs 8x32x56.


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Congratulations, on your bull. Bonus points for a fine looking Rem 700 lefty!
Congratulations buddy. Glad you connected on a nice spike.
Also glad to hear that your bride is doing better and out with the girls on a hunt.

Excellent account. Congratulations on staying at the task and connecting on your bull. Good to hear that your lady has recovered enough to make her hunt with the other ladies.
Congrats on the bull. So did you pack out the head due to regulations or are you going to make a Euro mount with him ? I think the spikes are cool
Some of the areas we hunt are spike only or "true spike only" and a "branch antler" permit is very difficult to draw.

str8meat - good job getting it done. :) Happy for you!

Regards, Guy
Congratulations on your staying calm and correcting your fire. That's some prime eating for sure. Glad your wife is doing better and you were blessed for helping her. Dan.
Congrats on your spiker with a detailed write up.
Good to hear the “Warden” is on the mend.
Congratulations and filling your tag. Glad to hear your partner came through the medical issues OK.