Wyoming Cow Elk


Sep 29, 2004
Knowing I’d never have enough points for a Wyoming bull tag, my buddy convinced me to put in for a cow tag near Cody. I went I as a partner on the draw with another guy. We filled his tag the first night we hunted on Saturday. My tag got punched on Sunday. It was the hardest critter I’ve ever worked for. We spotted a small herd bedding down on a sage brush hillside about daylight, around 1800 yards away. To keep from getting spotted we made a circle that took us around 4 miles and several drainages to come in out of sight. We had to push a small Antelope herd out close to the elk hoping they wouldn’t spook the elk. Finally, 5 hours later we were belly crawling up through the sage brush to get in position for a shot. A large cow was broadside but bedded just as we got in position. There was a nice big cow standing behind a bedded cow and next to a small bull. It was 350 yards a facing me so I wasn’t thrilled about the shot. She bedded but it was an angle quartering towards me that gave me clear access to her vitals. The Kimber .300 WSM with a hand loaded 180 AccuBond brought her to her feet broadside. The other elk scrambled but she just stood there on a rock ledge. I put one more in her for insurance but it wasn’t necessary. She flopped over on a nice shaded ledge. I didn’t do a good job with photos, but as she lays on the ledge. I did recover the first bullet that took her shoulder out and traveled up near the spine. A little meat off the front shoulder was lost and that was it.

This is an excellent story.
Sometimes you have to work really hard to get an animal down. Great cartridge for elk.
You earned it!
Did you guys have to pack it out on backpacks or did you have horses or could you drive a vehicle closer to the kill spot?
Excellent write up that permitted us to share your successful hunt. Congratulations on a fine animal that will provide rich memories for years to come and fine dining for the coming year.
Sore, aching muscles from the stalk and pack out will soon be forgotten, as the memories of the hunt are retold over the years, and the tasty meals are shared with family and friends!
Well earned!
Excellent! What a great way to fill a freezer. :)

I keep hoping to draw another Washington cow elk tag.

Congratulations! That sounds like one heck of a stalk. You pulled it off, got a shot, connected, and filled your tag. Great hunt. Dan
Weighed the bullet today, 72% retention is about what other Accubonds have given me.
There was another critter close by that we never saw, but we were always on the lookout!!!1779383A-EC9C-4C5A-BFCF-15C3253DB72E.jpeg