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    I have a jug of IMR4831 I had bought last year, thinking to use it for the 7mm and 300 Win Mag once I run out of RL22, I have about a pound left. Wondering if you folks had good experiences with IMR4831 in the 7mm / 30 magnum cartridges.
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    Surprise, surprise from a used Marlin X7

    Excellent shooting.
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    Using old primers?

    I have several boxes of old BR4 primers from 20 years ago, just started using them and shoots just the same as the new BR4's. I won't hesitate to use them as long as they are kept dry.
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    Testing the 147's in 6.5 x 284 ( Continued )

    Tweaked the last 6.5 x 284 load into .1 grain increments of H4831SC from 51.7 to 51.9, all 3 POI on a plane. Final results at 51.9 grains at 2825 fps. with 147 ELD-M. Looks like I'm done here. Thinking of a 1 day hunt soon on an exotic deer with this load and see results. Axis deer may be on the...
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    Chamber Length Gauge

    Just a thought, leaving a gap above the neck would accumulate carbon leaving a carbon ring, would allowing the neck trim to be longer than SAMMI specs help with this issue?
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    Bushing Die

    I agree with RL338, its what I also do. I like to remove the buttons on the resizing dies, they tend to pull on the necks and slightly pull them out of alignment. I like to run .001" - .002" under bullet diameter carbide mandrels to open the necks prior to seating. It works for me. Neck turning...
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    Long Range Tune Up for Summer Crop Damage Deer Hunting

    Nice shooting JD, must be fun. Good luck with some long shooting over those crop fields.
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    range trip with my Grandson

    Excellent Jim for teaching the young ones the values and safety of shooting and hunting. (y)
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    6.5 Creed and 120 Nosler BT

    After vigorous scrubbing and brushing to remove the carbon rings out of the 3 rifles, I was only able to remove more than half of the black streaks between the lands, only black streaks shows in the first 30% of the barrel, the rest are clean and no more carbon rings either. I was curious on how...
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    Finding the sweet spot

    Yup, H4350 is the only powder I used in the 6.5 Creedmoor, so consistent and temp stable. Good shooting
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    HaHa, I meant those few hours consisted of some waiting times in between to let it soak like 10 mins and rebrush / repatch, repeat. :LOL: Got 3 rifles done, black streaks still remains between the lands about 1/3 of the way down the bore now, with all carbon rings removed. It was worse...
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    Roughly how many passes with a bronze brush did you use? I did about 2 hours of scrubbing and brushing, the first several passes with a bronze brush did loosen carbon, and the patches came out black, and gets whiter with each few passes of the bronze brush, then stops showing the carbon on the...
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    I had a different perspective when I cleaned my barrels and thinking they were clean because they shot very well, I always ran Bore Tech Eliminator through the tubes before a shooting session, just a few wet patches and then dry patches and then a few more wet patches and then more dry patches...
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    After 1 hour of Hoppes sitting in the bore, cleaned up the bore, and rechecked with borescope, I would say about 10-15% of the carbon is out, but its still a mess in there. Rebrushed 15 more times, going to let it sit overnight and see tomorrow.
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    I ordered some c4 Bore Tech Carbon remover and Cu+2 Copper remover yesterday, whilst I was rummaging around in my garage, I found a old big bottle of Hoppes #9. So I wet two patches of Hoppes and pushed it thru the bore and it came out clean since I cleaned it previously with Bore Tech...