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    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    I've always considered MOA as an accurate rifle for my hunting. As I'm starting to learn "Long Range" the "MOA" should be cut in half for consistent grouping. I had a 338 Fed that was a 1.5 MOA and I took Whitetail and Elk with that gun out to 200 yds with confidence. Now that being said I...
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    Lube case necks before bullet seating?

    I'm wanting consistent neck tension so no lube.
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    243 95 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip w/ cannelure

    I've been there and have seen no difference in the .243 and .277 BT bullets. I've loaded both and they shot in same group.
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    Two Feet of Snow Overnight!

    Yep!! just east of you in Idaho, about 18" snow then rain for a day and a half !! What a mess. Been on tractor about 7 hours yesterday and tonight. About half done..... Driveway about 1/3 mile long.
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    270 load good enough for elk?

    Myself and one of my hunting buddy's have taken many elk with the .277 bullet. Take your shot in the right place and all is well.
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    New Gen 4 G20

    Done mulling.... Bought 2 KKM barrels. One for the G20 and another for the G34.
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    A pair of long slides

    Nice !
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    Good year for my son

    My son and I each purchased properties in rural Idaho- He is my only neighbor within 3/4 mile. Sold our homes in town and commute about 1 hr each way for work. The wives love the peace and quiet and all the critters. Still living in the shop and trailers until 2022 when we can build. This...
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    Rem 700 6mmRem??

    One of my buddies has this exact gun. It shoots 70gn BT EXTREAMLY well. 90s are good too. It is in a HS-Precision Stock.
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    New Gen 4 G20

    I know this is an older thread but aligns with my topic. As in previous post I have a G40 with Optics and KKM barrel. I picked up a G34 and tried to get is as close as I can for practice for the G40. That works well. I now have a G20 for woods carry instead of the G34 with the optic. I...
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    My son got his biggest buck yet

    Excellent !! Great to see kids getting the opportunity.
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    Grandson scored

    Very Nice Blacktail !! I hunted them for over 20 years and one of the toughest deer I've hunted. Bucks just do not go out into the open, mostly around the edges. That's a buck to be proud of.
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    One for the PRC

    Very Nice!
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    6.5 X 284 at the range

    I know the feeling - I have two - Savage 116 and a CA Ridgeline.
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    My son got his biggest buck yet

    Excellent !! Very nice buck too !!