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    I’m going to start on the lift kit next week. I’m tired of looking at this big box in the living room and all the other assorted boxes. Me and Old Man Emu are going to get well acquainted. Vince
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    New Old Stock

    Got a lead on some 200 grain Hornady SST ammo. Placed my bid and crossing my fingers. Vince
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    Locking hood latches are on. License plate delete is on and wired. Now for the bad news. I ordered the wrong roof rack. Got it for sale on Facebook as it fits a TJ and not a JK. 🤬 Got it for sale at a deeply discounted price for local pick up only. Brand new just open box. My mistake is your...
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    Out of the penalty box

    Welcome back. I created a new screen name because I had trouble logging in. Vince
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    New Old Stock

    No sir. Stopped loading when I moved last year. Just want to buy some decent factory ammo for deer and then something else for elk. Vince
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    New Old Stock

    I bid up to $350 for sixty rounds and got outbid. I guess I’ll keep my eyes open for something to feed my Tree Tuddy Ate.
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    New Old Stock

    My two choices for rifles are .338 Win Mag and 45-70 Govt. I’m liking the Tree Tuddy Ate more as it shoots a little flatter. Vince
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    New Old Stock

    Got a lead on some Federal 180 Ballistic Tip rounds in 338 Win Mag. How about this for northern whitetail? I’ve never used this round and wondering, given the .338’s reputation for toughness, how frangible this round is. Also, shoulder or behind the shoulder? The one time I used a ballistic...
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    Canada have some new laws coming?

    Unfortunately our rights have been taken little by little. I can’t buy fully automatic weapons or short barreled rifles without a, “Mommy May I “ tax stamp. Heck I can’t even buy firearms from a FFL without filling out the repulsive 4473. The true spirit of our Second Amendment rights was...
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    Federal 180 Grain TSX 338 Win Mag

    Looking at maybe using this on northern whitetail. Anyone have experience with this bullet? I’m thinking shoulder shots to break them down and put them down quickly. What do y’all think? Thank you in advance and I look forward to reading your replies. Vince
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    Intense Storm, Montana & Wyoming

    Psychotic weather for sure. Me thinks the weather needs some Risperidol, Ativan, and Wellbutrin. Vince
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    More Wrangler Updates

    Got the locking hood latches on and the rear bumper. I’m really liking the minimalist look of the rear bumper.
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    Uncommon but not unheard of. If you don’t want the moisture send it down here to Aridzona. It’s a tinderbox. Vince