110 Accubond, 257 wby mag, and Ramshot Magnum...


Nov 7, 2004
Went to the range today with some preliminary loads to look at Ramshot Magnum with the 110 gr AccuBond in my 257 wby mag Vanguard SS 24 inch barrel.

Brass: Norma
Primer: Federal 215 M Match (magnum)
Bullet: 110 AccuBond
O.A.L: 3.417

I'm no benchrest shooter, but I am grouping under an inch, and that takes critters for me, I am a hunter.

Range: 100 yards

Powder Ramshot Magnum (BigBoy) Velosity in FPS (ft per sec)
73 grains 3278 fps
73.5 grains 3336 fps
74 grains 3350 fps
74.5 grains 3374 fps
75 grains 3477 fps
75.5 grains 3497 fps
76 grains 3526 fps
76.5 grains 3554 fps
77 grains 3588 fps (Too Hot, left extracter mark)

77 grains left a mark on the base of the cartridge, so it is too hot. I will back up to 76 grains, or 76.1 grains as my load. That will mean this load using Ramshot Magnum powder and the 110 AccuBond is moving at
3526 ft per sec, which is "very" impressive, especially considering I have a 24 inch barrel on my Weatherby Vanguard SS 257 wby mag.

Needless to say, I am extreamly impressed with Ramshot Magnum powder! :eek:

Finally, you can put your fears away with the Weatherby Vanguard and it's 24 inch barrel in the 257 wby mag. Concensious is, you will only loose 20 to 30 fps per inch of barrel. :grin:

Did I mention Nosler, will you please include Ramshot powders in your new book!!! If you arent looking at it, you should be. 8)

Note: The above reload information is for my specific rifle only. Your results may vary. Reloading is dangerous, work up loads safely. :oops:

Ridge Runner

Nov 17, 2004
Hey AggieDog.... Where are you getting your Ramshot powder from if I may ask? I'm having problems finding it.


Nov 7, 2004
Gents, just to let you know, I have decided that 75 grains of Ramshot Magnum will be the load for the 110 AccuBond in my 257 wby mag vanguard 24 inch barrel. That is still quite fast, and probably a better place to be.