140 grain in .270 WCF


May 4, 2011
Anyone shooting the 140 grain bullets in their .270 Winchester?

Like the 165 grain in .30 caliber, I feel like this would be a great “compromise” bullet weight for the .270, higher velocity than the 150’s, higher energy and b.c. than the 130’s. Maybe I’m splitting hairs but I think I’m going to settle on the 140 for my everything load in my .270!

I have some Sierra Gamekings and Hornady Interlock BTSPs, I may get some Accubonds as well.

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I used mostly 150's and heavier but did try some 140's as well. H 4831 sc (big surprise) with the 140 gr Sierra TGK was a good load. In my previous 270 Win the 140 gr Ballistic Tip and IMR 7828 ssc were an excellent load. Nothing wrong with your reasoning, I would definitely consider adding the 145 gr ELD-X to your list as well.
I'm fairly new to loading the .270, but using a 140 AB and H4831SC following Nosler data I'm able to get sub moa out of a factory T/C Venture.

Hopefully I'll get to try it out on some deer this season.

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I used the 140 gr AccuBond in the 270 Win, the 270 WSM and the 270 Wby, all with great results in accuracy and on-game performance.
I felt that it gave the best combination of velocity, trajectory and penetration, without any compromise!LOL
I used the 140 grain Hornady in the 270 WCF and 270 weatherby all of the time. Love them for elk. Flattens them with authority.
Years ago I loaded some Nosler 140 BT and Sierra 140 for my son's 270. Both did well on whitetail but he went back to using 130 grs. Dan.

Friend of mine really likes those
140 Hornady Interlock BTSPs
Settled on that yrs ago and loads nothing else.
FOTIS":2ac22jn4 said:
RL22/RL26/H4831 with a 140 AccuBond will do pretty much anything.

One of the old boys used to say what’s the difference from the 130 to the 150 Partitions, his answer was about 20 grains :mrgreen:

You can’t hardly go wrong with any of the good ones in my opinion. My little brother has a pet load of H4831SC and the 140 Trophy Bonded Tipped at 2900, I use the 130 version at 3150 in my P64 and I use the 150 Partition in my Tikka 270. Any difference between the 3 is in my head.

Load some up and expect greatness. I’m sure it won’t take much to come up with a great load if the rifle is straight.
My grandfather was the one who very first put the “one rifle gets one load” idea in my head. While I will still deviate from that, time to time I basically use the best all-around or compromise weight that best suits my applications for each rifle. The 140 grain bullet in .270 seems to offer just the best all-around performance in the caliber, for what I plan to use it for.

Gramps used the 140 grain Sierra Gameking for everything in his Mauser .270 with complete satisfaction.

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The 270 win and the 140s are a perfect match, we’ve been using the 140 AccuBond and R19 for years with great accuracy and have had wonderful success on deer and elk.