150 ABLR for a 6.5-300WBY or ELDX


Nov 28, 2018
Well I have finally managed to get my hands on some magnum primers and powder to load for my 6.5-300, and just dropped it in a new B&C stock. I picked up some of the 150 ABLR from SPS a couple months ago and I also have a few hundred 143 ELDX(pre-covid stock) I've been loading in my 260. I was leaning towards the 150s but have a mix of other 6.5's from 121 to 156. I have some Retumbo for powder. Not planning on big game hunting but just targets primarily.
Hodgdon has data for the ELDX and figured I would drop a few grains off that starting load for the 150's unless someone here knows better?


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the ABLR's are finicky for some guys to get shooting well . I'll be interested in seeing how you do with them . with you mainly target shooting , you might want to look more a target bullets , if you can find them in these tough times .
I have been monkeying around with my brothers 6.5x300 recently, also using Retumbo, but with the 127 LRX. Seems decent so far. I kinda did an abbreviated ladder with charges to find a nice working node then started at mag length with my first set of loads. If I were in your shoes, I'd likely start with the 143's since you are just wanting to punch paper. If you had any inkling to hunt with it, I'd start with the 150's myself.

It's really so overbore I think Retumbo is on the fast side for it, but I still got useful speeds from it and I wanted something that wasn't quirky.

The ABLR's might be decent in the WBY. They tend to thrive off of jump and God knows there is alot of jump into the rifling with the Wby, even at mag length. Let me know if I can help at all, always willing to share notes.
another thing to look at would be the twist rate . is the rifle twisted fast enough to get full benefit from these long slick bullets . I don't know what nosler is recommending . Berger on their heavy 6.5 bullets call for an 8 twist . when you run those bullets through their BC calculator , it looks like a faster twist is needed for full stability . I don't know how far your planning on shooting , but BC really helps with wind and the transition from supersonic to subsonic . you definitely have the case capacity to handle the heavies . for long range target shooting you might want to look at the Bergers. I think it's called the target hybrid 153.5 gr .has about a .7 BC . the hybrids ogive shape makes them less seating depth fussy .
thanks for the info, think I will start with the 150's for now and see what they do, might be a bit before I get them loaded and to the range
The 1-8 Weatherby should be good with the 150’s or whatever else you can throw down it.

Let us know how you make out. It’s a beast of a cartridge.
I might suggest Reloder 50. I just started loading it in my 26 Nosler with 140gr Hybrids.
I think you'll like it.
I primarily use RL33 or 8133 in my 6.5x300. It is a finicky beast.

The 127’s are the proverbial death ray.