2018 white tail deer hunt

Captain Cook

Apr 24, 2017
So this year I was able to hunt again with NYDAN and his awesome hunting property. I had many places to choose from again and this year I decided to try the same "gully stand" I used for last years 4 point buck(first buck).
The Gully Stand is 20 feet to the base so line of sight is around 24ft. It offers a 270 degree shooting view with shots out to 200yrds. This year was different from my other experiences deer hunting as we got 10inches of snow 2 nights before!

I left my house at 545 to start the hike to the stand (nice to be able to walk to one). Due to the deep snow and a steep hill to the gully stand it was a 30min hike up. I climbed up the latter and spent 15min getting settled in for what I was planning the day! All set, 615am legal shooting was 705am. I see 3 doe walk up on my left and disappear over the hill. It started to snow around 7am again and I was glad for a roof and walls. 720am another doe off to my right up over the hill.

800am decided to partake in my pizza I brought. 804am I had just finished my slice and I saw him! A large racked deer heading right towards me! Talk about a rush, I slid the gun out the window on the right as I wanted to use my scope to count points. I told NYDAN I was after a 6pt or larger. The buck turned to his right which was my left and cut thru a small finger of woods moving more towards right in front of me. He came out and I was able to see 8pts. Again heart jumping, I move my gun to the center window. As I am sighting him up I notice movement to my extreme right, I look and there are 4 or 5 doe in the field acting all stupid. Thinking crap my buck is gonna get excited and start moving i hastily aimed and took a shot. He was broadside looking right at me 150yards! I thought that's odd he hasn't moved a muscle and niether did I. Did I hit him or not? I moved my left arm up and chambered another round without moving the gun or the rest of me. I took aim and focused better and shot again. This was a matter of 30-45seconds, seemed like 10min! He ran but I knew he was done. Made it about 50yards and dropped.
I packed up and waited about 30min while I could see where he laid. I was hoping there was no "ground shrinkage" as Dan calls it (deer smaller than you thought). Nope he was as big as I thought! Needless to say my deer season was over by 815am on opening day so I can sleep in now!
Using a savage 11/111 left handed 30-06 with NYDANs hand loads 165gr Nosler BT 2930muzzle velocity
Caleb Cook


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Nov 8, 2006
Congratulations. A fine buck. I gotta' admit, that is hard hunting--walls, roof, pizza(?). Don't know if I could take all that or not. (y)


Sep 17, 2013
Congratulations on a fine buck. You made a great recovery after the first shot and executed a great second shot. I am glad I came down at lunch time to see your excitement. Seeing your success is very rewarding. You deserved it.


Captain Cook

Apr 24, 2017
My first 3 deer I was sitting on the ground leaning on stumps or trees. NYDAN has enlighten me to year round prep for deer season and its rewards. Thankful for the opportunity to learn from an experienced hunter! I dreaded field dressing the buck this year but I've seen it done many times and have helped as well, I had it done in 25min and it wasn't as bad as I had made it out to be. The butcher said I did a good job which helped!


Dec 13, 2013
Well done, can't say I've ever shot a deer while eating pizza. Power bars or trail mix sure, but never pizza.
That is a fine looking buck I'd have shot him in a heartbeat.

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Nov 23, 2013
Congratulations Caleb... Beautiful story and i have enjoyed the pleasure of hunting from that stand, although I do not have the pizza shop number to call for delivery to the stand.. Maybe you can write it on the inside wall in case I may need it in the future... :lol: :lol:

It pleases me that I helped convince you to go with the '06 when you were picking a hunting rifle.
Dan may even agree that a .270 just would bounce off an olde buck like your trophy... :lol:

In all seriousness, you made a good recovery after the first shot and put the shot where it counted..
That is something to be proud of.. My last Mule deer buck that I shot it took me two shots before I was calmed down and focused on the task at hand and anchored him on the third shot, so recovering after one quick shot is noteworthy and testament to your becoming a seasoned hunter at a young age.

Now enjoy Family time during the Holidays, and begin the long count down to the next opening day for deer season. I think Dan will be able to dream up a few projects that will benefit from our help to keep our interest up. Great job Caleb, and Thanks for posting. Rol


Range Officer
Staff member
Nov 4, 2004
Congratulations on a beautiful buck. Glad you were able to make a great shot, recovery and field dress the big buck too.
All your hard work paid off. Well I done!



Dec 3, 2013
Congrats on your success. Great looking buck too!! Love the 30-06 with the 165 BT load, it is a proven killer.