25-06 w 110 grain Accubond


May 4, 2011
This bullet (110 AB) traditionally hasn't shot well in my Remington 700. I have used the 100 and 115 grain BTs as well as the 100, 115, and 120 grain PTs with great success.

Has anyone got a good load going 3K fps or so using H4350?

Would like to use this for antelope and deer this year and my .30-06 slinging 165 grain ABs for elk.

This was my grandfathers rifle and I would like to use it more, like I used to.
Can't help you on the 25-06 as I haven't tried them yet. I didn't have much luck with the 115 Partitions, much better with BTs.
The Accubonds did show to be a good fit in the 700 257 Roberts but this rifle has never been as finicky as my Featherweight 25-06.
I am wondering if you would PM me with what has worked for you with the 30-06 as I recently acquired some 165s and look forward to shooting some.
The 110gn AB is my 'go to' bullet with my .25-06.
I use cases fully prepped and trimmed 2.484", F/L sized to fired headspace +/- .0005" - in my case 2.049" nominal using either Hornady tool or RCBS Precision guage (Preferable)
Your headspace dimension will probably be slightly different.

Fed 210 primer, 53gns IMR 4831, bullet seated using a comparator at 2.870"
Cartridge OAL approx 3.899/3.900"
I finish the cartridge using a Lee Factory Crimp die.
MV is 3135 fps with field test Chrony ES usually 28-32fps.

That's my load in my rifle & will shoot touching holes at 100yds...& easily inside 1/2" MOA always.


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My Rem CDL loves the 110gr AccuBond but with RL22. I don't know why but my rifle doesn't like the h4350 with anything but will shoot the imr4350 pretty well with certain bullets. I have a couple good loads worked up with the heavier 120gr bullets and imr4350.
I have done the 110gn trials with IMR4350 case prep similar to other details, but H4350 didn't work well at all. This is one of the cards with IMR4350 - all were more or less similar groups. I felt I could get better performance and moved to IMR 4831.
Neither RL22 or Vit N160 proved very good in my rifle. ATB


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My 25-06 likes them with 54.0 grains of H4831. Over book max, but the velocity I'm seeing with the chrono is the listed book max velocity, so pressure should be the same. I have seen no pressure signs at all, even up to 55 grains. Maybe I have a slow powder lot.

My 25-06 also likes H4350 with 100 grain projectiles, around 52.5 grains. I haven't experimented much with 110 ABs and H4350 because I was previously low on H4350 and now I'm kind if low on 110 ABs (only about 100 left). But if I had both I would expect the combo to work fine.
Yeah the 52.5 grain load with the 100 grain BT is a really good shooter in my 700 ADL. Its an older rifle though it shoots really good with the loads it likes. Anyone tried 7828 with the 110 AB? Thats a powder I have a lot of right now and it has shot well with 56 grains of 7828 and the 115 BT.
Using 100gn Sierra Prohunter 1620 was excellent in my rifle (22" barrel) with both IMR & H4350. Very accurate indeed. The IMR4350 (53gns) gave greater MV and was most consistent at 3310fps & ES 22fps.

The Nosler 100gn BT was also pretty accurate, but I didn't develop the load for that bullet too far as I already had the Sierra bullet doing the business on red deer & the Sierra bullet is much cheaper.

I moved to the Nosler 110gn bullet in an effort to get faster kills with better retained terminal energy at 300yd + range and the bullet certainly delivers better than the Sierra 100gn at such ranges. I tried a number of propellants, (Rel.22, Vit.N160, IMR & H4350) but IMR4831 gave greatest consistency MV and accuracy.

The POI with both my 100gn & 110gn loads is not very different from my rifle at 100yds zero. The Sierra bullet shoots 1" low, so it's not much of a correction to make if I pick that load for short range shots.
I really only got the 110 AB to shoot really well with AA3100, but I'm almost out and it has been discontinued for a few years now. RL 22 gave acceptable accuracy so I will try to work with that powder a little more. I haven't worked with H4350 at all.
I have found 49.0gr of RL-22 @ ~3100fps and 51.0gr of IMR-4350 @ ~3135fps to work well with the 110gr NAB in my 25-06. I have never worked with H-4350 in any rifle.