Max Load for N160 with 130 grain Accubond in Modern 6.5x55SE

I think I will start doing that because I have difficulty with sticky bolt lift and chambering occassionally and I think it is more a result of the neck-sizing than being related to overpressure issues.

Just wondering whether they are two separate issues? Perhaps the chambering issue is more related to the need for case trimming whereas the sticky bolt lift is an over-pressure sign. Wasn’t sure whether your comments related specifically to the load development of the Swede or another cartridge you’re using.

Welcome aboard, I have enjoyed this thread.
I just thought I would post a quick update to this thread. I did eventually get an email back from Nosler regarding this combination. They told me it would be recommended to go with the powder manufacturer's data for the 130 grain bullets. They confirmed starting low and working up cautiously of course. They said that having the right pressure curve is the secret to good barrel harmonics and that the powder manufacturer's know more about the pressure curves of their products than anyone else. So I was happy to get that correspondence from Nosler and appreciate the time they took to help me out.

I'm going to continue experimenting, but I'm almost out of Accubonds now. If I get lucky and can drill down on something that works well I'll buy more N160. Otherwise when it comes to the 130 grain AB's I will probably stick with N560. I've always wanted to try the RL19 too. I guess it will come down to whatever the LGS has on the shelf on the day I go up there or if they can make any special orders. I might have found a couple of possibilities with the N160 and the 130 grain AB's, but I want to prove them out a little better with my remaining AB's.

Thanks again for all of your help and assistance, especially with the Quickload profiles!
Hi Steve, fellow Tikka T3 6.5x55 owner here, book marking your thread. I’m 6 months behind you