30-06 165 gr. Accubond at 25 yards

Interesting perhaps to compare it with the 165 gr Ballistic Tip @ 2750 fps from my .308 Win:


The Ballistic Tip was also recovered from the 5th jug, and recovered weight was similar. Expansion is more ragged with the Ballistic Tip vs the AccuBond. Launch speed was almost 200 fps less though... Interesting.

Regards, Guy
Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing.. I have used the 180 AB in my 30-06 for one 5X5 elk and one mule deer buck and had great results. The recovered 180 from the Mulie was 126 grains and similar mushroom considering it passed through ribs and spine. I was very impressed. I was hunting in Alder MT.
Wouldn't surprise me if Nosler woulda paid you for that promotional photo.... :) Guys BT is impressive too. Just what I like to see. CL
6mm Remington":3m7u2q55 said:
It went through 5 jugs and hit jug number 6 and pushed it on the board a bit. This is how I found it laying on the boards.




Sure like those Accubonds!

If looks could kill! Not bad 8)