300 blackout


May 15, 2009
Got a 300 blackout awhile ago and finally getting out to shoot it a little. Got a few rounds of factory through it and decided I'd do some hand loads for it.

Playing with the 110gr bullets at the moment. Loaded some 110gr Barnes TAC-TX bullets over 19.4 grains of Lil Gun. I have high hopes for these as I think they will be a very high performing all around bullet. I boogered up one of the tips and decided I'd just pull it to see what was underneath. To say the underlying hollow point is cavernous might be an understatement!



I also loaded some Nosler 110gr Varmageddon over 21 grains of Lil Gun. These should provide pretty spectacular on target results I would imagine. I'm thinking they may also be a good home defense load in that the fragile bullet likely wouldn't go through a wall with much in tact on the other side but would be plenty to discourage someone who needed shooting from doing what got them shot in the first place.


Hopefully the weather will settle down soon so I can go shoot them. Then it's on to trying some subsonics!

Anyone loading for the blackout? I'm thinking a pound of powder is going to last forever!

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I have one I load mostly AA1680 for subsonic cast lead. Lots of fun, air gun quiet suppressed in a TC Encore.
First attempt at a subsonic load. According to the book it should be around 1050fps. 212gr ELD-X over 7.5gr of Lil Gun. Hopefully I'll be headed to the range on Thursday to do some testing.

That's a lot of bullet in a little case!


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Hey shoots_5-

I don’t get in here very often but decided to scroll through and see what everyone is up to. I also reload for the .300 blkout- how did your test go?

I’ll have to look at my loads again- been so long since I touched it all I know is H110, 1680, 110 grain hornady and varmageddon, 125gr btips, and some 220 something’s.

I also did a little bit in the 7.62 x40 WT... I liked it so much I changed the .300 blk to 125’s and 110’s in the x40.

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Good stuff fellas. I'm building a 300 Blackout pistol. The lower is finished, I went with the Shockwave Blade kit.
I have a 9" barrel already. Just need to order a handguard and put it together. I've got RCBS dies and brass, just trying to figure out what I want to load.

Looks like I settled on H110 17.5gr, 125gr nosler btip, 2240fps, out of a polygonal twist 16” barrel

My pistol does 208gr hpbt, 11gr 5744. It borders on subsonic/super so I dropped it to 10.8 gr and was quietly happy.

The one on the left is the 62x40 WT

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