45acp 185 gn speer gold dot


Oct 10, 2012
Shot @ 12 yrds with muzzle velocity of 1112. Penetration was 4 Jugs and found in the 5th.


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Nice performance!

I'm really impressed with the penetration, given all that expansion.
Ya. I have no problem using this load for self protection. Weight retained was 185 gn 100% weight retention
Wow, that is terrific performance for a high expansion .45 ACP load and bullet! I am impressed by the penetration!
I would have to agree catskill. But I have found that the gdhp does have a velocity ceiling due to it not being a bonded bullet. I developed a load for a 10mm and the 180 gdhp. At 1300fps and above the jacket would peel all the way off the core but not completely separate due to the center post construction. Non the less a very impressive bullet
That is pretty impressive performance from that bullet. It would be a good one to load up in the 45 ACP.
I've never heard of a GD bullet that wasn't bonded. Any bonded bullet can exceed its designed velocity envelope and shed it's core but I've never seen one seperate from the jacket. It should be a gradual process though as compared to when a C&C bullet loses its integrity. The malleability of the core would determine rate of weight loss.

I've never seen a recovered 10mm bullet though and your comment interests me. I know they run hot but I'm surprised they would peel back to the point of separation. It may be designed so that expansion is quicker in that load to prevent over penetration.