6.5 Creed and 140 Hot Cors

You're gaining nothing by being rude. Can't see that others are going to be impressed with that attitude. ScottinTN65, you clearly have some knowledge and something worth sharing, but attitude goes a long way. You can initiate a conversation or start a fight, and which it will be is determined in no small measure by attitude. Hope you are able to continue posting, but with a view to contributing rather than combatting.
He got the boot it seems as he was rude in the375 Ruger thread as well.
Yeah, when I wrote I wasn't aware of the situation. I gathered that after I read Jim's response in the other thread. Can't imagine why anyone thinks that they build themselves by demeaning others. It is why I quit going to some other forums. I don't need to deliberately go looking for a fight or entertain someone who attempts to tear down others.
I'll say this, and not just because he is now gone so I'm talking behind his back, maybe he will read this as a guest.

I believe he has things to contribute but needs to learn to hold his tongue. I was on the receiving end of unexpected crassness. Thought maybe he was having a bad day, so I chose not to engage beyond my initial response. I knew if it continued, he'd bury himself on his own without me getting into a personal back and forth, and so it has.

There are times to jump into battle and I'm not afraid of it. But to start fights just to see who all falls over is stupid at best. I would not be against him being back here. But if so, hopefully a lesson in civility was learned. I'm around rough, no-nonsense people every day. In general, they are my kind of people and in many ways I'm just like them. That has nothing to do with the ability to be civil, or to disagree and have a different opinion without resorting to personal attacks.

A person can get their dander up, make a point, and make it vehemently, and still hold their tongue and be civil. It's a skill my momma reminded me of with a lilac switch anytime I forgot.