700 rebarrel ?

Prayers for your Dad and your family. A hart barrel on your Dads 30-06 is sure a good way to honor him. Maybe some time together at the bench will be in your future. CL
I have another update on dad's 700. I got a call a few minutes ago from Douglas saying the rifle is ready to ship. Unfortunately, dad will not get to see the results of the work. Dad passed away late last week with me, my sister and my mom at his side. In the last two months, dad was home 6 days. His body became full of infection and after a few days of treatment, we decided to provide dad comfort care and spend time with him because his body couldn't beat the infection. I was able to get one final goodbye in and many laughs but in the end, he couldn't fight any longer and went home to the Lord. It is going to be different not having him with my this fall to talk about deer hunting, but I know he will be with me while I'm in my stand.

I really want to get it dialed in and hunt with it as much as possible this year. I will do my best to post how it shoots on this thread in the future.
May God comfort you, your mom, and your sister. I know it will be a meaningful effort for you to get this rifle dialed in and using it to tag a fine whitetail this year.
So sad to hear of this. It's good you had so many good memories with him. This fall will be a special one using this rifle.
WT- Sorry for your loss. We are fortunate that we have had good examples and memories w/ our fathers. May the bring you comfort and peace as you grieve. CL
My condolences.

For others who want to re-barrel........Get an Excalibur rem-age barrel and screw it in yourself! That is what I did.

22 Creedmoor.

5 shot group


Here she is. Note the barrel nut. Real easy to do.

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This June 1 will be 2yrs removed for Me.
I had a close friend succumb to many years of alcohol abuse, and it got my attention.
I was so fed up with myself I honestly haven’t wanted it once since I made my mind up to stop.
My point is that likely something positive will come from this situation.
God Bless you all.
Sorry to hear of your dad's death. Many good memories will come, and it will be a good thing finding a load for his rifle and using it this fall.
My sincerest condolences to you and your family on the passing of your father. What a blessing though that you were able to spend some time together and get in a few more laughs before he went to be with the Lord.
You have my deepest condolences on the loss of your father.
Prayers for you and your family.

I have been a firefighter and a paramedic for coming on twenty years now. I have seen this story or many similar to it dozens of times. I am grateful you were able to have some visits with your father prior to his passing.
Many I have seen ended traumatically and the family never got to share those quiet good bye moments. I am sorry for your loss but grateful you et to keep something of your fathers to help you remember the good times.
I have some re barrel questions but will start a new thread so as not to rabbit hole this one.