8th Annual Kettle Falls Steel Challenge Match


Jun 19, 2011
Hey Guys and Gays,

Another great Match run by Carl Taylor of In Motion Targets in Colville WA. May 14th, and 15th, 2016. $200.00

The is a Long Range Precision Tactical Rifle Team Match, (2 person), no pistol shooting. Lots of movers, and difficult stages to run. Great match if you're in the Pacific Northwest or looking to travel.

I realize I'm a little late in putting this out there, but the Match is still open for those wishing to shot a match as a team. Carl Taylor could also assign you to another single shooter if you have know one else to shoot with, that's what I did last year and so did more then a few other shooters.

Caliber & Other Restrictions: This match will be limited to .300 win mag and lower. Round Count: TBD Watch for details.

Check out inmotiontargets.com and click shop to find the match info.
Sorry folks but these Match's Do Not Allow Spectators! Nope, None and is forbidden do to risk of life, and for insurance reasons. That and No One wants extra people just getting in the way during time constraints to run a match of this type, the confusion, and talking over one another.

These are not run at a shooting range, but out at large ranches, in field conditions, and over broken terrain. If you suffer from a lack of walking or exertion, these are not for you, and why the public is not welcome to watch.
Ok, another great Match this weekend came to an end. Doug Glorfied owner of Rock Lake Rifle Range LLC, and his team mate won the Match!

I met Doug three years ago browsing the component section at our LSGS, Black Sheep. We were both checking out the powder selection and started up a conversation. Come to find out he was just getting his shooting range going out at his dad's farm in Saint John, WA. and was having hunting, and tactical shooting Match's once a month out at his place. I enjoyed meeting him a lot, and walked away with his website info. Doug was also doing barreled action coating jobs for various people. Great place to shoot for those living near Doug, and if anyone is interested he is opening up his place to members this year.

Come to find out the next year I'd be shooting at his place for the JC Steel Target Challenge, and then found him and his daughter as an R.O. at the 7th Kettle Falls Steel Challenge at my first stage last year! We once again came across each other, and what a awesome experience meeting him again at the mover stage. Doug has a great personality and it shows, I'm glad to say I think it's really cool that he, and his team mate Won!

2nd place went to Travis Gibson and his son of MGM Targets! I met Travis out on the course of fire on Saturday, although he had some how shot the first course the previous day, Friday? I didn't know he was competitor until I saw him and his son on Sunday. From what I heard from the group of shooters I was with his son is quite the 3 Gun Shooter! Any way, they walked away with second place, and for those of you in need of Steel Targets, these are what I use and hold up to just about anything! Great products, and you'll find them very useful at honing your shooting skills.

6th place went to Travis Redell of R Bros Rifles, and his brother and team mate, Jesse. I got the pleasure to watch these two guys shoot all day on Saturday and most of the day on Sunday. They both are super shooters, and paying attention to what they were doing paid off for me in spades! Well not really since I wasn't shooting well on the first day, but these guys can pull off anything thrown at them.

Those of you not familiar with R Bros Rifles should look them up for any future rifle builds. I've known about Travis for a while, and the great attention he pays to his rifle builds, but have never met him until this weekend. I must say what a great guy to talk to and learn from, his talent is 2nd to none on and off the range as well as his rifle builds! All of he rifles are shot prone by him off a bi-pod prior to leaving his shop, and come with a accuracy guarantee of 1/2" MOA or better. Yep, not of a bench but a bi-pod! His rifles are not only great builds, but he makes certain they leave shooting as they were intended. Check them out, you couldn't go wrong having him build you a super accurate rifle.

The match was well run, and I had a great time! I wasn't shooting all that well the first day, but the next day I started out at the KYL stage by cleaning it right off the bat! Ok, that helped me get my head in the game, and it payed off most of the day. I had a few big mistakes over the weekend, one being a full 1 mil off at a stage, and not zeroing my windage knob at another stage! Oh man, that hurt to figure out after the fact! Oh well, I did have some great shots way out there, and some difficult shots as far as shooting position and hidden targets, plus a lot of good hits on the movers! I couldn't help but notice I suck at hitting the movers when they move left to right, but I had roughly 80% hits on the right to left movement! One of them on day two had a Coyote mover way out there that on the left to right move was 3/4 turned away which made it very difficult to make hits on! I'm of course missed that L-R every time which doesn't surprise me at all, but the R-L I made three hits on. This stage you had to shoot from each side movement or it was counted as a miss either way, and all the movers you must hit the confirmer target prior to moving to the mover section, 11 round total. Basically if you could make a first round hit on the confirm stationary target, you'd have 10 rounds for the mover section, most were 1.5-2 Mil lead.

For those of you interested these are a lot of fun to attend, sure there are pros shooting against you, but don't think of it that way? Think of that you can still shoot right next to them and walk away a lot better of a shooter watching what would cost you a lot of money and/or time attending a class. Thinking on your feet is a big part of this style of shooting, and unlike all the other forms of shooting disciplines these are all from field positions over terrain that has a lot of hills and valleys, trees and the wind to deal with moving across that terrain....... none of it is flat land and Carl knows how to cheat or should I say fool you into thinking what that wind may, or may not be doing down range! Plus getting an accurate range estimation, he likes to put a tree branch right inline with the target to throw off the laser..... Oh, and we had a stage that you couldn't use a range finder, and had to Mil range the three targets! My partner and I did very well at that together, and we pulled off a few great hits!

Thanks out to Carl Taylor of In Motion Targets for all the work in putting on such a great match, and all the R.O.'s at each stage, without them these Match's wouldn't run so well. Thanks to everyone involved and see you next year!

Note: I had previously made a mistake on the 2nd place winner, sorry about that, but I didn't get the results until just now!

OK, so Shawn Vitt and I placed 23rd in the match, not bad since we both had off days! Had we both been shooting well both days, we would have scored even further up the latter? Honestly I'm surprised we did even that well? A lot of great shooters, and a tough course of fire for a two day match, but I'm happy to see we placed in the middle of the pack. A special thanks out to Shawn Vitt for putting up with me, his muzzle brake had me at my wits end! lol Sorry, but I truly hate them, and why I run either bare barreled, (no muzzle brake), or suppressed on all my rifles.
That would sure be something to try :wink:. I would like to watch & take notes (y) but I realize that it would be very difficult to have spectators.
Thank you for the great write up.

Cole, Jesse Redell just took 2nd in the Sniper's Hide Cup, and his wife Kate did real well too. I think she was 19th? They're both members of the North Central Washington Gun Club with me.

You're on the money about R-Bros rifles. They're terrific!

I used to really like these "tactical" matches, but have gotten away from shooting them for quite a few years. Probably ought to get back to it!

Carl Taylor and I "know" each other, going way back, mostly by knowing a lot of the same people.

Regards, Guy