CFE 223?


May 15, 2009
Anybody use this yet? Was looking at the Hodgdon reloading data site and it's showing some impressive velocities for the 22-250, and less copper fouling would be a welcome bonus! Just wondering if anyone has any hands on info with it yet?
52 GR. HDY A-MAX Hodgdon CFE 223 .224" 2.350" 36.0 3596 47,600 PSI 39.3 3932 63,100 PSI
40 GR. NOS BT Hodgdon CFE 223 .224" 2.350" 40.0 4036 47,600 PSI 43.0C 4328 58,300 PSI

3900+fps with a 52gr bullet would one flat shooting little sucker! And it's showing a touch over 4300fps with the 40gr ballistic tip! Did I mention I'm almost trying to burn out my barrel so I can buy a match barrel and rechamber? :mrgreen:
I bought a few pounds, but I haven't loaded anything yet. It is on slate for my 338 Federal and probably for experimentation in my 358 Win.
I have been thinking the same thing. It would go great with my 22-250. You should buy some and test it out for us!
I ran into a friend that is testing some out. He was saying that it was showing pressure signs at starting loads in his guns.
How so? Can you elaborate on caliber, make of gun, etc? I've read great things about CFE 223, never heard about it giving pressure signs on staring loads.
He's using it in a .223 and .308. I didn't get any other info (except he's using it in custom built ARs). Just work up carefully.
I used it in my ruger .223, ran it up to max charge with no signs of pressure. Not real impressed with accuracy, but I only tried one or two different bullets. One thing I did notice is that even at max charge they were noticeably quieter and had less kick than a max charge of h4895 WITH THE SAME BULLET. I don't have a chrono, but I would say they were not moving near as fast! I was shooting a piece of steel and the dents were smaller with the CFE rounds.