Comet Neowise

Haven't gotten up early enough to see it when the sky was clear. We've had quite a bit of cloud cover for the past several weeks, however. Great pictures you captured.
Thank you!

At first I was waking up at 0330 to get some shots, then I realized that I could see it starting at about 2200-2215 just to the right of the big dipper.

Use the two bottom stars in the "bucket" of the big dipper to point the way to the right towards the comet. It was easier for my older eyes to spot it with bino's first, then it was easy to spot with the naked eye.

I found it just as easy to get the pics with a smartphone as it was with a DSLR. The ones I posted here were taken with a smartphone.

The closeup was taken through the binos with the smartphone.

Happy hunting - it'll be 6,800 years before this one comes back!
Pretty sure that I'm not going to be around next time the comet comes by!

Thanks for the photos. (y)