Congrats Scotty!

Congrats buddy on a well deserved retirement. If you ever make it up to B.C. I hope to be able to see you in person finally.
Congrats, Mr. Beretz, and a salute!

I have a feeling this is going to lead to an increase in powder, primer, and bullet consumption on your part. Good for you!
Congratulations Scotty and thank you for your service. You are a great representative of our nation. Enjoy your next adventure in life.
Thank you all. I appreciate all of the words. Was a good day. When things settle down I will get some pictures up.
Congratulations Marine! I trust your family has breathed a "collective sigh of relief", ha. I'm glad you made your 20, and in one piece! What plans do you have now to keep you busy?
Oorah Scotty!!!

This is great news to hear, long awaited too I'm sure for you, and your family Scotty? Best wishes to you always, and thank you for serving our Country Scotty!
Congrats Scotty,
Thank you for serving our country and fighting for our freedom!! You are the best!!

Had the honor of attending also. It was a great ceremony and one heck of a party for an old, crusty Marine and good friend.

Semper Fi brother!

Well done young man, congratulations.

How soon will you be moving west ? I know you have always mentioned that after your retired from the Marine corp and started your next career you had hoped to do it in a western state. Alaska has some nice hunting opportunities

Best of Luck Scotty
Congratulations! I am proud to know you and had the privilege of associating with you for a number of years now. I've got the Eagle, Globe, & Anchor on my vehicle to honor my daughter, a mentor of mine long ago, and Marines like you from the present. We owe you.
What a great location for your retirement!

Congratulations Scotty & Semper Fi.

Now, on with the rest of your life! (y)

WC, thank you for the photographs it looks like it was a great day.
Again congratulations Scotty, I am sure you are not finished yet (y)!!

Now you have time for a grizzly bear hunt Scotty, at least you will have as soon as all your honey do projects are done.

Congrats Scotty, it will be nice for you and your family to have uninterrupted time together.