cutting the stock , the one I couldn't pass up part 3


Aug 16, 2011
here is parts 1 and 2 on this rifle .

I decided it's time to get this rifle so the grandson can start to shoot it . a few years ago I bought a used Hogue stock to cut down . I didn't want to cut the B&C stock that I bedded , it shoots to good .the Hogue is like a rubber coated Tupperware stock , perfect for cutting down . I wanted to be able to lengthen the stock as he grows , so it took me a little thinking to figure it out . I need to get a slip on recoil pad now , and it should be good .


I made a wood block that fit up in the stock . I put two nuts in it , and partially drilled it for two pieces of tubing . the screw is a handle to use while fitting it .




I put the tubes in the wood block . pushed the block into the stock , and glued it in . I'd twist the tubes every few minutes to keep the glue bond broke . I need to remove these tubes .



I cut two longer pieces of tubing . I need to be able to remove the tubes when finished . I didn't have a plastic straw that fit the tubes snugly , so I wrapped tape around the tubes sticky side out , so the tube will pull through the tape .

put these tubes into the wood block , stood the stock up in a box , mixed fiberglass resin and filled the stock about 1/4 inch shy of the top .


allowed the resin to harden , and pulled out the metal tubes . these came out nice , and the tape came out too ,that's a bonus !


now to do the cutting . I put the 100 tooth blade on the saw to try and keep from tearing the rubber coating on the stock . also taped around the stock at both cuts trying to help . I cut two pieces of 1 1/4" each .


cut the tubes to length and it looks to have turned out well .


That certainly appears to reveal some excellent workmanship. It appears quite professional.
thanks Dr Mike , I'm pleased with how it turned out . I thought I'd post this up , it might help someone else that's planning on cutting a stock .

I need to get 2 longer screws , for when I add both pieces of stock . I also need to get 2 flat washers , the screw heads are trying to pull into the holes as I tighten it up . I think this is the recoil pad I'll get , it's adjustable for LOP .
Clever and well thought out bit of engineering, I'm impressed.

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That should work! A lot of work on your part that turned out well from the looks of it. Good job!
thanks Fellas , I have a million hours thinking on how to do this project , probably 5 hours to actually do it .
jimbires":2164sag7 said:
thanks Fellas , I have a million hours thinking on how to do this project , probably 5 hours to actually do it .

That's the way it works with a lot of well-executed projects. (y)
Guy Miner":5ne1on1s said:
jimbires":5ne1on1s said:
thanks Fellas , I have a million hours thinking on how to do this project , probably 5 hours to actually do it .

That's the way it works with a lot of well-executed projects. (y)

Wow- I looked at this earlier and I am still trying to figure out the way all the tubes fit together or are removed in each of the different lengths. Dont bother trying to explain it for me I'm just being dense.... :( :) :) I get it (but dont) and am really impressed. Really nice workmanship and believe it or not I get the 1000 to 5 thing. Nice work! CL
thanks Fellas . I have the recoil pad on the way .

CL , I'll use no tubes when I use the stock at the shortest length . I'll only use the short tube with one piece of add on stock . I'll only use the long tubes with both pieces of add on stock . the tubes will always be flush with the end of the stock .
I didn't have the tubes cut to length in most of the other pics . here is the finished pics .



Great write-up and craftsmanship! Since my time is worth about 25cents/hour these days, I might take this on. Seriously, nice work. EE2
thanks again Fellas . this is the best idea I could come up with . hopefully this will give you a few ideas , if you're needing to do this . I kind of enjoy messing around like this , and it sure helps when things turn out decent.
I received the recoil pad , it looks like a winner . it's small enough to fit the cut down stock . it's just a touch loose , but good enough . with the different thickness foam pad inserts , I can alter LOP.

I'm going to say , it's done .
this rifle had a factory trigger that was lightened . the trigger pull was about 1-1/4 pound and very crisp . it felt inconsistent to me . this is just to light for a new shooter . I replaced it with a shilen trigger . this trigger uses the safety from the original . I like this since the original safety locked the bolt . I adjusted the new trigger weight to about 3-1/2 pound . I put the shortened stock on for the first time . the barrel channel is not centered , but it does have a little clearance on the tight side . I put the 3.5-10 VX3 scope on , and shot it in today with the reduced loads . the rifle shoots well in this hogue stock . I walked the scope close on the big target , then moved to the smaller corner target . I shot the top two , and lowered it a couple clicks . then I shot the other 3 . it's close enough for him to get started with . I'm sure I'll have to move it some for him . I hope the shooting bug bites him !




It appears that your adjustments haven't harmed the accuracy any. I believe this rifle will shoot quite well.
I wasn't sure what to expect after changing the stock , I'm very pleased though . the last three shots are about 1/2" at 100 yards . it's tricky for me to shoot . the guns so short I have to keep telling myself to pull it back into my shoulder .